Baked Pork Chops

Walt loves fried pork chops…..wait, I need to elaborate, Walt LOVES my mom’s way of frying pork chops.  So a few weeks ago when he walked into the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and saw the pork chops frying on the stove top he got all excited, “Oh sweetie, fried pork chops I love fried pork chops.”

“Slow down Sparky” I chimed, I’m just browning them they are going in the oven.  A cloud, first the shade of confusion quickly darkened to disappointment.  I quickly explained they had to be browned before I baked them and he watched me transfer them to a baking dish and slide them in the oven.

An hour later just as I was getting ready to pour the sauce over them once again my dear husband came meandering into the kitchen (notice a pattern here).  “Whatcha doing?”  “I’m adding the sauce” I replied.  Frowning Walt continued “But I like them……”  “Crunchy, I know” I replied, and slid them back into the oven with the sauce.

Just about this time Joshua wandered up from the basement, “Watcha making grandma, it smells really good?”  “Baked pork chops” I replied, “want to try some with us?”  Now you would have to know Josh, unless it’s pizza or chicken strips he’s not having any of it.  “No thanks, but it smells good” Josh said and went on his way.  That little conversation was an indication that these chops were going to be amazing even though he had pizza on the grill.

I am happy to say that the final result was DELICIOUS!!  I hate to admit this in writing for all to see but I baked four (4) pork chops, served them with mashed potatoes……there were NO leftovers and only two of us ate them!!!

These pork chops were full of flavor and so moist!  Cut only with a fork, fall off the bone moist.  Try them they won’t disappoint and surely will become a family favorite.

As usual, I did make a few minor adjustments:

  • The recipe called for 6 pork chops I only made 4 good-sized chops
  • I used two cans of Golden Cream of Mushroom soup – they recommended regular Cream of Mushroom Soup
  • I used Crisco to pan fry not oil
Baked Pork Chops
What You’ll Need:
4-6 bone-in pork chops about 1-1.5″ thick – DO NOT USE THICK CHOPS
1 tsp. Garlic Powder
1 tsp. Lawry Seasoning Salt
2 eggs beaten
1/4 – 1/2 cup flour
2 cup Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs
2 cans Golden Mushroom Soup (Original recipe 1 can – Mushroom Soup)
1 soup can of milk (Original 1/2 can to 1 can soup)
2/3 cup white wine
1/4 cup Crisco (more or less depends on pan size)
  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Rinse pork chops, pat dry
  • Mix seasonings into flour
  • Dredge pork chops in flour, dip in egg, dredge in bread crumbs
  • Melt Crisco over medium high heat (drop a little bit of bread crumbs moistened with water into the Crisco to tell when it’s hot)
  • Add pork chops to pan and brown each chop for 5 minutes on each side.  Pork chops should be golden brown – place in 13×9 baking dish – cover with foil
  • Bake for 1 hour
  • In the meantime whisk together soup, milk and wine
  • After an hour take pork chops out of the oven and pour soup mixture over the top
  • Replace foil and bake for an additional 30 minutes

Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friend Day

WoW…..this doesn’t happen too often, when the weather actually cooperates with something you want to do.  Well at least something I want to do.  Today is “National Step In A Puddle And Splash A Friend Day,” and here in Michigan in it’s raining outside.  How perfect is this?  Ok guys, family and friends, who’s going out with me today?  Let’s not be chicken about this, the temperature is going to be in the 50’s so it won’t be that cold.  I know, I know, you’re gonna throw that whole flu and cold season thing at me, how you’ll get sick if you get wet and get a chill.  Well 50% of doctors say that’s not true so let’s go with that 50% and pretend we’re eight years old again!

I have to admit that even though it is raining here in Michigan and yes the temperatures are supposed to reach almost 50 degrees today, it is still just a wee bit too cold to go out and have a little fun jumping in puddles.  What this day has done however is make me long for and anticipate the summer rain that will be here in a few months (ok so it’s at least 6 months away, this is my dream please let me have it for a few minutes).  A warm sunny day, a storm moves in bringing that sweet rain of summer, the one that doesn’t last very long, the rain that you can smell before you see it, the rain that is warm when it touches your skin.  I love that rain and yes, I do go out in it and Walt will always laugh and say “You’re crazy.”  But I’m not crazy, sometimes you have to act like a kid and stand in the rain, let it wash all over you to remind you that the simple things in life are truly what’s priceless.

I guess I’ll just have to be content and  watch the rain from our window, perhaps today would be a good day to do a little baking.  Not sure what yet, I’ll have to see what I can muster up in the cupboards.  Rainy days are always good for whipping up something sweet in the oven I just have to decide if I want to make brownies, cookies or cupcakes?  The determining factor may be just how much work I’m willing to put into baking on this rainy Friday, brownies is probably the easiest and quickest, cupcakes the one that’s a little more time-consuming with decorating and such.  We’ll see, I could just decide to be absolutely lazy today and take a nap.

Tonight I am making Walt Chip Beef on Toast….it’s going to be a surprise.  Walt has been talking about it for the last few weeks, memories of his mom making it for him when he was a kid, I’m not sure why these memories came to him out of nowhere or perhaps I do.  It started around New Year’s Eve when Lil E, out of the clear blue, for no apparent reason walked up to Walt and said “Papa, your momma isn’t here anymore is she?”  Walt replied “No, she’s not.”  Eric said “Your momma is no longer on this earth is she?”  Walt replied “No, no she’s not.”  Eric walked away and went back to playing on the floor with his firemen, nothing else said.

Walt and I looked at each other just a little puzzled.  None of our grandchildren ever met Walt’s mom, her name was Shirley.  Shirley passed away the year before Joshua was born, it will be 10 years this April.  Her death is actually how Walt and I started seeing each other again after being apart for a few years.  I loved Shirley, I had a lot of respect for her so when Nikki found out she had passed away my parents, Nikki and I went to pay our respects.  It really is a great little love story but I’ll save that for another time.  My point right now is simply there is no way Eric could have known that Shirley wasn’t here.  The conversation was so sweet, so innocent.  You would have had to be here to understand exactly what I mean, it came so out of the blue, so out of no where.  There was nothing going on that would have prompted that conversation and it’s been since then that Walt has, at least once a week, talked about his mom’s chipped beef and toast, how it was one of his favorite things to eat growing up.

I do remember chipped beef on toast, my mom made it as well, my memory of it is strips of meat in a heavy white cream sauce with a really salty taste.  I remember that we ate it, I don’t remember if I liked it.  It could very well have been one of those meals that, as a kid, you kind of choked down, like liver and onions, but I really don’t remember if I liked it.  You know how it went, kids born prior to 1965 when mom’s mostly stayed home and cooked, not a lot of fast food restaurants around.  When you were a kid you ate and tried just about anything and grew up loving some or most of  it until, as an adult, you found out what it really was.  Kind of like the meat pierogi I ate as a kid, a story I’ll share with you one day….ewww.  Today chip beef does not sound appealing to me at all, I purchased the dried beef enough said.  It does bring back memories for  my sweet papa Walt so I looked up a few recipes and bought the stuff to make it, I’m going to surprise him at dinner tonight.  I’m going to eat something else.

We had heart attack pork chops this week and Walt was a happy man.  I call them heart attack pork chops because they are simmered in Crisco, then breaded and fried again in even more Crisco.  They are Walt’s favorite pork chop (my dad’s too), Walt eats them down to the bone (so does dad) which now I wish I would have taken a photo of…there was not one speck of meat left on those bones.  I like them, I grew up on them, the recipe is my mom’s.  Personally they give me heartburn and they did, I was up until 2:00 a.m. sucking down tum’s.

So you guessed it, today I”ll leave you with the recipe for Mom’s Breaded Pork Chops.  They are really easy to make and what I like about this recipe is that I can make them up to the point that I can bread them and return them to the refrigerator until later when I am ready for them, then I simply brown them up quickly and serve.  These pork chops are great with a vegetable and either mashed or scalloped potatoes.  If you try them let us know how they turned out, we like hearing feedback!


Fried Breaded Pork Chops


What You’ll Need:

4     Bone-in Center Cut Pork Chops

1      Cup Italian Style Breadcrumbs

1/2 Cup Flour

1     Egg whisked with a little water

Salt and Pepper

Crisco (in the can)


  • Salt and pepper pork chops to taste
  • Melt a good amount of Crisco in a heavy pan (about a 1/4 cup)
  • Add pork chops to skillet – cover
  • Cook on medium for 40 – 45 minutes turning chops frequently
  • Remove chops from pan onto a plate lined with paper towel – let cool
  • When cool, dredge chops in flour, egg and breadcrumbs, coating them well
  • Add additional Crisco to pan – melt
  • Return chops to pan and brown on each side (about 5 minutes per side)
  • Serve

Source:  Leona P. (Mom)





What to do…what to do…….Nap OR Blog???

I guess the answer is obvious…..I am blogging instead of napping although the nap sounds REALLY….REALLY…..REALLY appealing.  Yesterday I did make a commitment to get back into blogging so the nap will either have to wait OR I’ll sneak a quick one in afterward.  I am generally not a “napper” so I don’t know where the need to take one is coming from today, maybe it’s a side effect of that last birthday I just celebrated.

We had a gorgeous day so far today….even with the wind the 68 degree temperatures were welcome after the 40’s earlier in the week.  The mild temperatures made for a nice day to run out and get a few errands taken care of.

My little buddy Lil E is coming over tomorrow for a few hours, his momma has a work meeting on this side of town tomorrow morning so my little guy is going to hang out with me for a few hours.  In anticipation of his arrival I headed to the grocery store for chocolate milk, apples, banana’s and Cheerio’s.  Don’t you just love that the cereal companies are now making these little single serving cereal cups?  I love them…..we never seem to finish off an almost $5.00 box of cereal before it gets stale, so these little cups, which I can usually get 2/$1.00 work out well.

It’s Wednesday so of course there was a trip to the Dollar Tree, they had a delivery yesterday so new goodies were put out today, a trip to Toys R us (shhhh….don’t tell Nikki) and of course I just had to stop at Michael’s (well they are just right across from Toys R Us)  to see what i could use my 40% off coupon on and they had a few things I needed for gift baskets I am working on.  Other than what I knew I had to pick up….Michael’s was a bust, nothing new or interesting on display.  Since the most expensive thing I picked up was $1.99 I didn’t want to waste that 40% coupon so I’ll try the other Michaels later this week, I need a “WELCOME” something….a wreath, hearts, something…anything…. for the entry way that can take me through the spring and into summer.  When I see it, I know it’ll be the one.

Is anyone else having the spring meal time blues?  Lately I am having a hard time filling in my weekly meal planner.  Although I love the mild temperatures we aren’t ready to really get into bbq season yet but unfortunately I am not in the mood for soups and stews anymore either.  I am in meal planning turmoil……….is anyone else???  As I search through cookbooks, websites and Pinterest (am I the only one who thinks Pinterest is just an OK site, still looking for the OMG effect?) there are a ton of chicken recipes out there, which we love, but I find few beef and pork recipes and when I do…..nothing jumps out at me and screams “MAKE ME…MAKE ME!!!

Monday I decided we were going to have pork chops… 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon I still had no idea what I was going to do with these pork chops so I decided to throw a few things together…….I am happy to report dinner turned out well.  When Walt asked where I found this recipe I simply replied…..”In the cupboard and refrigerator.”  He laughed when I told him I just threw a few thing together and just kept going.  Gotta love when that happens.




Pork Chop Ingredients

4                       Boneless Pork Chops

1.5 Cups          Italian Style Bread Crumbs

1/2 Cup           Grated Parmesean Cheese

1.5 Tsp.            Lawry’s Seasoning Salt

1 Cup                Flour

1                        Large Egg

2 Tbsp.            Water

1/4 cup            Crisco (add more if needed)

Stuffing Ingredients

4 cups              Pepperidge Farm Sage and Onion Stuffing

1/2 Cup           Chopped Onion

1/2 Cup            Chopped Mushrooms

4 Tbsp.             Butter

1-1/3 Cups       Chicken Broth
Pork Chop Directions

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

  1. Whisk egg and water together in a pie pan or shallow dish
  2. In another pie pan or shallow dish mix bread crumbs and Lawry’s seasoning salt
  3. Dredge chops in flour
  4. Dip in egg mixture
  5. Dredge in Italian Bread Crumbs
  6. In a large pan melt Crisco over medium heat
  7. Brown pork chops 5 minutes each side
  8. Remove from grease and drain on paper towel

Brown Pork Chops - 5 Minutes On Each Side

Stuffing Directions

  1. Melt butter – sautee’ onions and mushrooms (about 3-5 minutes)
  2. Add chicken broth
  3. Add stuffing crumbs – mix until moist


  1. Spread stuffing across bottom of a 2.2 quart rectangle baking dish
  2. Place pork chops on top of stuffing
  3. Cover with foil
  4. Bake 1 hour

I served this with mashed potatoes and made gravy from McCormicks gravy mix packet (great to keep on hand for emergencies!)