Happy New Year

Happy New Year

As we say goodbye to 2013

We would like to

wish all of our

family and friends

a happy,

safe, healthy and prosperous

New Year




As we wind down on this last day of 2012, I’d like to wish all you a blessed, happy and peaceful New Year.

The talk of the day today seems to be all about new year’s resolutions.  I don’t make new year’s resolutions, I probably haven’t made one since I was in my twenties (I am 56) and even then I’m not so sure I did.  Inevitable something always gets in the way of keeping those resolutions, things like life, circumstances, other people but most of all ourselves.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy especially when it comes to new year resolutions.  We set goals or have expectations that just can’t be accomplished or rely on too many other factors to accomplish.  We become disillusioned when we don’t have instant gratification so we give up.  Sometimes what’s important to us on December 31 becomes less important as the year goes on and the resolution is forgotten.

More and more I am drawn to the idea of a “Bucket List.”  I’ve never created a bucket list but the thought of a list of things that I’d like to accomplish for the next few months and throughout the year seems more doable with a more reasonable expectation of success.  Let’s face it, I think even the thinnest person I know wants to lose weight, in our house weight loss is hindered by love of food and trying new recipes.  Do I want to lose some weight?  Absolutely, but I can already tell you that if I say “I am making a new year’s resolution to drop 50 lbs.” it’s never going to happen.  However if I just decide to take one day at a time, one week at a time and make some changes without the pressure of a set amount or deadline, my success rate in losing weight, will be much higher and I am not adding the stress of promising to lose a specific amount of weight.  So that’s why I like the idea of a bucket list.  A bucket list can be adjusted and adapted, there are no specific sets of goals, it’s just a list of things you’d like to do if you could.

Here are a few things I think I’d put in my bucket list for this year:

  • Find a job I love
  • Talk to my sister Lee more often
  • Write on my blogs every day (I started a new one just for my writing)
  • Write a short story
  • Learn a little Italian
  • Learn to say “No” without feeling guilty
  • Garden more – expand my garden
  • Learn to take better photo’s
  • Do one “random act of kindness” a month
  • Fly a kite

Gee, I think I’ve just started my bucket list!!  I think I’ll keep it and see where it takes me in 2013.  But you get the general idea, things on this list are easily accomplished and I don’t feel the pressure of not meeting any specific goal or milestone because all these things are based on and/or around things that I know I can do with a little effort.

Today Rezich Family Kitchen celebrates its one year anniversary.  On this day in 2011 as we waited to ring in the new year I sat down and began our little family blog.  Our first post was titled “Our Rise From Shrimp Scampi to Mac and Cheese.”  Since we’ve become grandparents we have a tradition making and eating mac and cheese on New Year’s Eve and this year will be no different.

Today Eric is here while his momma works tonight.  Eric and I will carry on the mac and cheese tradition and we will make yet another new mac and cheese recipe as we wait to ring in 2013.

So tonight I leave you for the last time in 2012……I will leave behind all the negative things that happened in our lives in 2012, I will no longer mourn or long for the things that did not come to fruition and I will take with me into 2013 all those wonderfully happy and positive things of 2012.