Out With The Old…

Generally I don’t think that there are women’s chores and men’s chores.  Seriously….men who remain bachelors for a period of time (like my sweet husband) generally have to fend for themselves doing the cooking (or deciding on takeout), the cleaning (Ok….maybe), the laundry, the shopping, ect.  So I think couples should be able to share the household responsibilities and for the most part I think Walt and I do that pretty well.  If Walt wants to eat and since I do all the cooking, he has to do everything else….just kidding!!!  We do try to divide and conquer, sometimes one does do more than the other, eventually it all balances out.

Today I am finding an exception.  After 3 years of putting it off we are finally having a new furnace and air conditioner installed.  This is where I think it becomes one of Walt’s responsibilities unfortunately he was unable to get the day off and since I don’t work on Friday, I will supervise the project.

It’s not that I don’t think that I can handle it, you’d have to know Walt personally to know what a challenge it will be for me because Walt is not here to personally supervise the job.  Walt is very particular about how he wants things done and is very clear what his expectations are.

Last night we spent 15 minutes in the basement, he walking room to room, Walt pointing out what the Randazzo guys are supposed to do, the extra’s that were promised.  In turn, to make sure I understood, I re-walked the route pointing it all out so that Walt knew I was clear.  I passed, I’m so excited!!!

Luckily Walt is here this morning, the guys from Randazzo have arrived and Walt walked them through his expectations which they assured him was in the documentation and they were well aware of.  I’m glad that Walt was here for start-up, for the initial walk through, already there are a few minor issues.  Not with what was promised, but with codes and it has more to do with the air conditioning unit outside than anything inside.  I’m going to lose a few plants but loved how cautiously careful Walt was when he came inside to tell me.  He knows I love my plants.  Plants can be replaced and in the greater scheme of things, our flower beds are going through a major transformation anyway so it’s all good.

By 5:00 p.m. tonight we will have a brand new furnace and air conditioner.  Papa Walt will have peace of mind knowing that nothing will go wrong this winter when our precious grandbabies are here, as I type Walt has already said he will sleep better knowing it’s done.

So for today we say to goodbye to the old…….




and anxiously await the installation of the new.


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