Coming Up This Week…September 15 – 21, 2013


Hello everyone.  Hope you are enjoying your Sunday so far, we are.  Bacon and sausage are sizzlingon the stove, pancake batter is ready to go and papa and Josh are downstairs playing some kind of RPG on the PS3.  I , with a little time on my hands in-between transferring sausage and bacon to the warmer, decided it was time to resurrect “Coming Up This Week….”  so, here we go.

Sunday – September 15

  • Make a Hat Day
  • Felt Hat Day
  • National Women’s Friendship Day

Monday – September 16

  • Guacamole Day
  • Collect Rocks Day
  • Step Family Day
  • Mayflower Day
  • Mexican Independence Day
  • National Play Doh Day
  • Working Parents Day

Tuesday – September 17

  • National Apple Dumpling Day
  • Citizenship Day
  • Constitution Day

Wednesday – September 18

  • National Cheeseburger Day

Thursday – September 19

  • International Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • National Butterscotch Pudding Day

Friday – September 20

  • National Punch Day (Or also known as “Rum Punch Day”)
  • POW/MIA Recognition Day (Third Friday of September)

Saturday – September 21

  • Pecan Cookie Day
  • International Peace Day
  • International Rabbit Day
  • Oktoberfest (Begins – dates vary)
  • World Gratitude Day

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