Continue To Hope….Continue To Pray

We have had an unbelievable week in our country and as we get through Thursday people are almost afraid to say “What could possibly happen now?”

My heart continues to go out to the people of Boston and those affected by the senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon, such a senseless act of cowardice.  I am always moved by our ability as a nation to move forward, to take care of our own and our ability to become even stronger than we were before.  I pray that those responsible are found soon and brought to justice.

I have fond memories of Boston.   During my very first visit many, many years ago on a beautiful July day, I actually ate my very first whole lobster.  During our stay in Boston we even visited the Bull and Finch Pub (the name has been changed) on Beacon Street made famous by the hit TV show “Cheers” well at least the exterior was made famous by the show.  The people of Boston were warm and friendly, I felt like it was home.

The explosion in West, Texas hits a little closer to home in an indirect sort of way.  Having been married at one time to a fire fighter for many years (my first husband) I feel the anxiety of the wives, husbands, children and parents of the fire fighters, first responders and police personnel directly involved in fighting that blaze.  I know only too well the dedication of these volunteers, men and women who at the sound of a siren, a beeper or a phone call drop everything they are doing to respond.

I can’t recall the number of interrupted dinners, holidays, parties, family outings and more that were disrupted when the siren sounded or the number of times I would sit holding my breath listening to the scanner as my then husband and our friends fought house fires, responded to auto accidents or worse yet runs made to the hazardous material handling facility in our town.

I sat and openly cried when the wife of a volunteer firefighter was interviewed last night on the Pierce Morgan show.  It was a telephone interview, her husband insisted that she leave town to go to her brothers home in a nearby town.  After making several attempts to reach her husband by cell phone, she finally connected with him and begged him to come to her, he told her he could not, he was needed, there was a job to do he needed to stay with his guys.  You could feel her agony and her fear in her words, in her voice.

Keep these volunteers and their families in your prayers, they do this as a “calling” an answer to their need to give to their community.  Although these “volunteers” do go through extensive training and testing fire fighting is not their source of income, many are teachers, business owners, factory workers, engineers, ministers and more.  Their dedication and commitment to saving lives and their community is no less than those who do it full-time.

With all that has happened this week we can’t allow any of it to force us to live in fear….if anything we should strive to embrace life more openly, forgive those who we feel have done us any wrong and most importantly hold those you love a little tighter and say “I love You” a little more often.

Have a great Thursday everyone, I hope it’s filled with family, friends and love.


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