Enchiladas…..Just Like Mom’s

Hi everyone, yes I’ve been away for a while.  We’ve been cooking up a storm in our kitchen but somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost desire to make the time write.  It really is my mission to get back on track…again.

Some of you may recall that several months ago my mom, Leona, was a guest blogger.  Mom talked a little bit about herself and shared a recipe for Easy Beef Enchiladas which she found through her membership to the Campbell’s Soup recipe site .  I think it’s awesome that my mom makes a mexican dish at this time in her life because when we were kids I never recall my mom making homemade taco’s, burritos’ or enchilada’s.  Mom created a lot of great meals as I was growing up, she cooked everyday, I just don’t remember anything mexican in her rotation.

I was a little nervous making the enchiladas because my mom’s are so delicious.  I know, some may think “hey how can you screw up a recipe?”  I really do believe that two people can follow the same recipe exactly and come out with two different results.  Maybe I had a little more hamburger than mom did resulting in less flavor being distributed through the meat by the seasonings, maybe I used a different brand of enchilada sauce or refriend beans.  The taste could even be altered by the brand of taco seasoning I was going to use.  There was a potential for several variables.

The one thing that I know I did differently and yes, it did make a difference, was the fact that I used the red enchilada sauce instead of the green that mom uses.  The red enchilada sauces has just a little bit more bite to it than the green.  So if you like spicy use the red, less spicy use the green.

I am happy to say that my enchiladas turned out fantastic, better than fantasic….Walt and I both loved them and had wished we could have eaten more than two at the time but we’re happy to have leftovers which reheat wonderfully in the microwave.

Instead of repeating the recipe here, I’ve posted the link to my mom’s guest blog entry and the recipe.


Here are the photo’s of my mom’s enchiladas and mine are underneath…..a pretty good match in both look and flavor. This recipe made 10 enchiladas and I have to say two are definitely filling.  I think these enchiladas would make a great pot luck dish if you have baking dish with a warming bag or the ability to reheat in a microwave.  Try these I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Easy Beef Enchiladas

Mom’s Easy Beef Enchiladas

Beef Enchiladas

My Easy Beef Enchiladas


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