Creating Your Own Greeting Cards


I am always in awe of people who make their own greeting cards, just a little jealous of those that are talented enough to be “artsy.”  I always think that being “crafty” is much different from being “artsy.”  An artist can pull things from their head and make it happen with their hands.

I think of “crafty’ as people who are generally able to follow a pattern, instructions or directions to complete a project.  I have things in my head yet my hands have no idea how to pull it all together and I am much better at following step by step instructions so, in my mind, I have always thought of myself as “crafty” not “artsy.”

But this is the year of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things so, with Easter quickly approaching, I decided to try my hand at Easter greeting cards for the grandbabies.  I was a little nervous, not about the verse, I knew that I could come up with a personalized verses for my babies, my fear was solely whether or not I would be able to be creative enough to create decorations and embellishments for my cards.

My fear was quickly diminished quite a bit after I spent several hours at Michaels in the scrapbook section and at Staples in the stationary department.  I don’t scrapbook so I was amazed at the things I saw and realized that a lot of the cards I saw and admired on Pinterest contained the types of embellishments I was sifting through at Michaels!  They even have tape to help you make borders!!

Don’t get me wrong, my cards are very simple and there are people who do some amazing things with cards.  But after spending time picking out stationary, dimensional stickers and decorative tape, I sat down at the kitchen table and started to lay out a design and had a blast!  I was excited to see the thoughts in my head come together with my hands right before my eyes.

So today I’m going to share with you how I took just a few items to make some simple, but pretty Easter cards for our grandchildren.  I think I just might work on mastering this craft!

STEP 1:    

Gather Materials, stationary, decorative tape, dimensional stickers, stickers, envelopes

Create Your Own Easter Card Instructions

STEP 2: 

Because I wanted to add a little pop of color to the inside of my card, I chose to use color paper to type my personalized verses.  I also added a colorful border to give it some depth.  I cut the verse along the very outside edge of my border so that it would be framed by the card as its background after I glued it to the card.

Handmade Easter Greeting Card


Add your embellishments to the inside of your card, dimensional stickers, stickers, you could even add a clip art image to the verse sheet instead of stickers.

Easter Greeting Card

STEP 4: 

Add decorative tape to the bottom and top of the cover of your card, add the embellishment and your done.  It’s that simple!!

Easter greeting Card

Easter Cards

Like I said earlier my cards were pretty simple but it’s a big mile stone for me, I never thought I could do this, even with purchasing everything.  I was really happy with how they turned out and would like to try my hand at a few more.  I may even spring for a kit or a software package to help my creativity grow.

Happy crafting everyone!!


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