Things About This Week….

Welcoming a sunny, chilly Saturday morning here in Michigan, it’s only 19 degrees and our local weatherman is saying it won’t get out of the 20’s and we’ll have snow squall’s throughout the day.  I wish this was one of those Saturday mornings that I could stay in nice and snug, but unfortunately I have a few errands that I need to take care of.

Here are the things about this week that I loved, made me smile or warmed my heart:


  • Spending Friday (yesterday) with Nikki and Eric, having a little lunch and some shopping
  • The huge smile and tight hug from Eric when he saw me at his classroom door yesterday
  • The cute Valentines gifts I put together for my babies, I can’t post the pics Josh and Kaylee don’t have theirs yet
  • Last weekend…it was quiet and relaxing – read most of the weekend finished my book “Safe Haven.”
  • I finally installed and set up our new wireless copier/printer/fax machine all by myself
  • I had an interview this week with one Company on Wednesday, on Friday another Company called to schedule an interview for Monday




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