Things About This Week…

It’s a sunny Saturday here in Michigan, the sun is bouncing off the stark white snow.  Even though it’s a very cold 17 degrees, you can’t help but smile when you look outside.  I mean come on, the sun is always welcome and yes, even I think snow is pretty the first 24 hours of a snow fall, pretty while it’s still pure white before it turns to that dirty blackish/gray color….then I am anxious for it to melt.  For me that will more than likely be sometime today.

I’m happy it’s Saturday, Walt is home is it’s going to be a quiet day.  I’ve pulled chicken out of the freezer to make homemade chicken noodle soup which Josh will love, if he comes by today, chicken soup is his favorite, .  After I finish today’s post I’m going to throw together a batch of coconut muffins, I’d like something a little sweet with my Saturday cup of coffee.  Yes, it should be a pretty relaxing Saturday.

So, let’s see what if I can remember some of the things that I loved, made me smile, or touched my heart this past week;

  • Eric’s uncomplicated reasoning.  I have a quilt my mom made, we don’t use it, it is folded across the foot of the bed in the spare bedroom as decoration.  Eric asked to use the “blanket” last week and when I said we don’t use that quilt because busia made it, he looked at me very seriously and said “Well if busia made it then we have to use it.”  He pulled it up over himself and immediately fell asleep.  This is after two hours of trying to get him to sleep.  Amazing.  The blanket/quilt will no longer be used as a decoration.  We are beginning to see a pattern, anything busia makes, Eric loves whether it be booties or quilts.
  • My baking date with Kaylee last Saturday night.  A year ago we couldn’t get Kaylee to stay with us for more than an hour now we’re baking cakes and she’s hinting at spending the night….priceless.
  • Joshua, oh my little clever man.  Josh really does listen to me and follows what I write about which has now inspired his creativity.  On Tuesday Josh told his Mio that it was National Chocolate Chip Pancake Day (it wasn’t) so that she would make him chocolate chips pancakes.  I love his imagination and the fact that he was creative enough to make up a national food day.  Love it.
  • Loved that my parents cleared the snow and were out the door to a monthly retiree luncheon yesterday long before people actually started to dig out from our little snowfall.  My parents are more adventurous than I am, I sat in all day.
  • I finished my Valentine’s Day rag wreath, it’s really cute!!

Valentines Day Rag Wreath

Have a great, relaxing Saturday everyone!!

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