Snowy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!  We did get the snow they called for and more is falling as I type today’s post.  The schools are closed, kids are happy so is this grandma, I don’t have to leave the house at all today.  I really am happy that I took Dr. Patel’s offer to reschedule my appointment this morning, it would have been a rough drive.  I wish my camera could capture the wind and blowing snow, every time the tree on the front lawn bends I take a sip of coffee and snuggle a little deeper into the couch.

Snow day 2 8 13

As I am typing this post Walt’s boss has called asking for him to come in early to repair a major piece of equipment, Walt is waiting for a call back to find out if they have the parts he needs to bring the equipment back up. Needless to say I have a pacing Papa Walt, pacing Papa Walt makes me hyper.

I had to buy a new slow cooker yesterday (I got lucky it was on sale) because mine was acting up.  My old one has a digital readout and wouldn’t stay on when I tried to use the low setting, it kept turning itself off.  At first I thought I was tripping the plug but that wasn’t the issue.  There were other times when it would set, I would walk away and come back later to find at some point it turned itself off!  Sunday all five buttons kept blinking at the same time, the two low setting, the two high settings and the warm button.  Obviously I couldn’t leave the house with the slow cooker on for fear that it would shut off or even worse short out and start a fire.

My new one has only three settings, Low, High, Warm and it’s not digital.  It also has a lid locking feature so that you can take it with you if you are going to a pot luck.  My plan today is to get it out of the box, wash it, fill it with water and let it run for a few hours to get the “newness” out of it before I use it on Sunday for Slow Cooker Sunday.

Since Sunday was the Super Bowl and I knew were going to have people in and out I decided to not use the slow cooker,  I ordered chicken from Oakridge instead and had a pasta salad and cole slaw as sides with dinner rolls.  It worked out really well, I could keep the chicken warm in the oven and everyone could eat when they wanted to.  Best part was that clean-up was a snap!

I didn’t want to miss a Slow Cooker Day so I decided to make a slow cooker meal on Saturday instead.  Dinner originally was only going to be Eric, Walt and I since Josh and Kaylee had plans with their momma for her birthday.  Thinking that it would be just the three of us and Eric is my least picky eater of the three grandbabies, I decided to try recipe that I found on “Plain Chicken” through Pinterest, Crock Pot Chicken and Gravy.

I have to tell you, not only was this delicious the recipe is by far the easiest slow cooker recipe you will ever make.  Just three simple ingredients and you’re done!  The only recommendation I will make it that you double the soup and the chicken gravy packet if you like a lot of gravy.  Although the chicken is wonderfully moist and there is some gravy, there really isn’t enough to pour over rice or potatoes.

I need to share a little footnote here, we ended up NOT eating this on Saturday.  I know, you’re wondering why.  Cindy had an unexpected death in the family the end of last week, family visitation was on Saturday and Cindy did not want to take Josh and Kaylee so she asked if they could hang out with us for a while, of course we said yes.  Since I had only made three chicken breasts (and they were small) I knew it would not be enough for all of us so we decided to order pizza and bread sticks instead…a much bigger hit with the babies.

Yes we did eventually eat the chicken…Walt and I ate the chicken and gravy over rice on Monday night.  When I reheated the chicken in a skillet I add the extra can of soup and the additional packet of gravy and heated everything together.  It was fantastic.

Have I completely confused everyone? Sorry about that, let’s see if I can straighten things out.  The recipe posted below is exactly how it was written on “Plain Chicken.”  Steph (author of “Plain Chicken”) states that she mixed the cooked rice with her chicken AFTER the chicken was done cooking.  We served it on top of the rice.


Chicken and Gravy

What You’ll Need:

2              Chicken breasts (I used 3)
1 Cans     Cream of chicken soup (I suggest 2 cans)
1 Pkt.       Chicken gravy mix (I suggest 2 envelopes)
Hot steamed rice


  • Place chicken in slow cooker
  • Spread soup over chicken
  • Sprinkle gravy packet over top of soup
  • Cook on Low 4-6 Hours
  • Break chicken into bite size pieces
  • Serve over rice or potatoes

 Source: “Plain Chicken”


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