Kaylee’s Cupcake Cake

Saturday was a crazy day here.  We had all three grandchildren, always a crazy time when Eric and Kaylee get together, they are way too close in age which translates to…..TROUBLE with grandma and papa trying to stay a step or two ahead of them.  Which, I am willing to admit, is not always easy since they think alike and are at the same level of curiosity.

But I do get it, I did the same thing when I was little and went to my grandparents houses.  When I went to Two-Car Busia’s (my great-grandmother on my mom’s side) I always wanted to play in on the enclosed front porch.  It wasn’t really enclosed, it was open but you could only get to it from the living room and not from the outside.  It was really pretty cool.  My Two-Car-Busia also drank cold coffee out of fine china cups with saucers while she watched wrestling on TV.  Keep in mind this is in the late 50’s early 60’s.  My Two-Car-Busia was a hoot!!

When we went to busia and dzia dzia’s house (my mom’s parent’s) there were two rooms that had a connecting closet so when the cousins got together we would run and chase through that closet.  The other interesting place at my grandparents was in the backyard, there was an arbor at the entrance into the yard, I loved it.  The upstairs was always mysterious too because there were storage areas behind the walls, not something my own house had so as kids we were always curious as to what was up there.  Plus Uncle Bob’s room was up there filled with model cars…what kid doesn’t want to check that out right?

My granny, (which by the way Eric has started to call me out of the blue), my grandma Pawlica (my dad’s mom, my grandpa passed away when I was really young), I loved going to granny’s, she would let me drink coffee out light green milk glass coffee cups at the kitchen table.  Of course it was more milk than coffee but at the time I didn’t know that, I just always remember that we would sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee.  The big thing at granny’s house were the dolls, she had lots and lots of beautiful dolls dressed in pretty frilly dresses sitting on the beds.  Big dolls with eyes that opened and closed.  If I promised to be very, very careful I was allowed to play with the dolls.

So, you see, I can completely understand that when the grandbabies come over, they are curious about every little nook and cranny and of course their unfiltered impulse is to check everything out.  All three of them have informed us that there is a ghost who lives in our storage room, Josh will go downstairs and leave that room open, it wasn’t always the case.  Kaylee and Eric however, want the door closed.  Eric won’t even walk to the door straight on, he will go all the way around and come up to the door from the back so that he isn’t exposed to the open doorway, then he’ll slam the door shut.

This weekend Kaylee came over with a cupcake cake baking set, she wanted to make her momma (Cindy) a cupcake cake for her birthday which just so happened to be on Saturday.  I’ve never used a cupcake cake mold let alone a silicone one, so I knew we were headed for an adventure.  Although the cake did not come out exactly the way I would have liked it to my little Kaylee bug loved it so that’s all that matters.

Here are a few photo’s of our Saturday Cupcake Cake Adventure:



Kaylee Cupcake Cake

Kaylee Cupcake Cake

On a side note, I am a pretty experienced baker.  I have taken decorating classes and can make and decorate some pretty nice cakes.  I have to note, this cupcake mold is not as easy nor does it do exactly what the box indicates it will do.  The best thing about this set is that Kaylee had a great time making the cake and decorating it…and for that reason it makes this kit priceless.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


4 thoughts on “Kaylee’s Cupcake Cake

  1. LOL….we’ll let’s just say I was very curious. And yes, kids do love helping in the kitchen it’s always a fun time for me and the grandbabies when we can hang out in there together.

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving us a note. I think we’re both going to cherish this memory and Kaylee’s going to love that the blog only talked about her today and not the boys too, LoL. By the way….Cute little dog you have.

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