Coming Up This Week…. February 3-9, 2013

Funny Holidays

Today is a quickie post, Josh and Eric spent the night, Kaylee is due back later today.  As some point Nikki will be here and so will John not sure how long everyone is hanging out but I do know that Josh will be around at least for a little bit of the super bowl game later.  Josh and Papa have become quite the sports buddies, I love that Josh wants to watch sports events with his Papa it’s all about making great memories.

Today is National Carrot Cake Day.  I love carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting, I wish I could make one today but it’s just going to be too busy of a day around here with people in and out all day.  Homemade carrot cake is the best!!  Kaylee and I made a “cupcake” birthday cake for her mom (Cindy) on Saturday.  Kaylee had one of those cupcake cake molds so she brought it over on Saturday so I could help her bake a cake for her mom’s birthday which was yesterday.  We had fun I will blog about that experience tomorrow.

Some great days this week, “Thank a Mailman Day” and “Send A Card To A Friend Day.”   With so many things going on in everyone’s lives, work and family obligations it’s easy for friendships to be put on the back burner.  Send a card to a friend this week, jot down a little note, let’s boycott e-mail for just one day and say hello in our own handwriting which is becoming a lost art.

Did you know that kites were first developed 2,800 years ago in China?  China had materials that were readily available and perfect for kites like fine silk for the sail and bamboo for the frame.  “Fly A Kite Day” would be awesome if it weren’t in February, it’s just way too cold to go out and fly a kite.  It’s too bad too because fly a kite was one of the things I put on my 2013 bucklist in January.

I am however a little biased about which day is actually the best day this week…..It is of course Monday, February 4.  Why you might ask?  Well on February 4 at exactly 2:43 and 2:44 p.m., John and Nikki came into the world.  It’s been an amazing, interesting, confusing, and sometimes frustrating 32 years.  I smile when I think about the fact that they each have children of their own who will take them on their own journey into the future.

As always have fun with these day and let your creativity run wild!

 Sunday – February 3, 2013 

  • National Carrot Cake Day
  • The Day the Music Died (Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959)

Monday – February 4, 2013

  • National Homemade Soup Day
  • National Stuffed Mushroom Day
  • Create a Vacuum Day
  • Thank a Mailman Day

Tuesday – February 5, 2013

  • National Chocolate Fondue Day
  • National Weatherman’s Day

Wednesday – February 6, 2013

  • Nutella Day
  • Lame Duck Day

Thursday – February 7, 2013

  • National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • Send A Card To A Friend Day
  • Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

Friday – February 8, 2013

  • Molasses Day
  • Boy Scout Day
  • Kite Flying Day (In the winter??)

Saturday – February 9, 2013

  • National Bagels and Lox Day
  • National Pizza Pie Day
  • Toothache Day

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