Things About This Week….

Happy Saturday everyone!!  As I sit here in my quiet house, watching the snow fall outside the front windows (snow that I am not happy about), typing on my laptop that has for some reason, been temperamental the last few days, I console myself with this wonderful hot steaming cup of coffee.  The cup of coffee my dear family and friends that is, so far, the first thing about today that makes me happy.

But, as I promised myself this year, I would no longer list the things that frustrated me this week, only the good stuff would appear on Saturday’s post so here we go;

Things about this week I loved, that warmed my heart or made me smile:

  • Being able to help Joshua with his cultural homework assignment, it was nice to be able to share stories and family history
  • The beautiful weather we had earlier this week, almost spring like (why did you leave me?)
  • Mom helping me cut material for my rag wreath that would have taken me forever with scissors
  • January is over bringing us one month closer to spring
  • That my M&M cookies were a hit and are all gone
  • This one is for my bestie Tina, she’ll know why; That Puxatony Phil predicted there will be an early spring

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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