Things About This Week….

Saturday morning, I’ve got one of my little buddies with me, Joshua spent the night last night because he and Kaylee are going with their momma today to another ice show.  I can remember being a young parent, I loved doing those things too, now I like sitting at home watching the icicles drip from the gutters.  That’s ice sculpture enough for me.

Things about this week I loved, made me smile, made my day……

  • I loved sitting quietly with Eric last Sunday afternoon reading “The Cat In The Hat”….Eric rarely sits long enough for a story, he is my “gotta keep moving baby.”  Best part, when Eric took the book from me after I finished so he could reread the story to me.  It wasn’t actually reading, but he had the plot down perfectly page per page.
  • I loved that Joshua was the only one in his class who got a 20/20 on the 3rd grade science test!!  Whohoo, that’s our boy we are so proud!!
  • I loved Josh and Kaylee coming Sunday night for a visit after they had just had a full weekend with their momma and her family
  • It made my day on Monday that I was able to spend time with Josh on his day off from school.
  • I smiled and chuckled when Nikki called me to tell me how Eric’s kindergarten round-up went.  When they took the kids down the hall to the library so they could meet with the parents, everyone could hear one of the kids crying and Nikki knew it was Eric before they came in and asked who the blonde hair kid belonged to.  When Eric came back in the room he ran to Nikki and said, “momma I don’t want to go to a new school, I am never leaving you again.”  Love that bond those two have going on!
  • I smiled when Walt came home on Wednesday and said that for the last three days (M-Tu-W), the co-workers who are sharing his office space during the remodel complimented him on the reheats he took in for lunch.  They complimented on Monday, oooo’d on Tuesday, followed him to the microwave on Wednesday.  I can’t help it…..hehehe, I love it!
  • The smell of M&M cookies baking Friday afternoon made me smile and say ahhhhh……

4 thoughts on “Things About This Week….

  1. Hi Lady. Dont know if you remember me but I am back from the depths of grief and sadness following the death of my husband last summer. I see your page is doing wonderful and of that I am very happy for you. Don’t know if I will start another page as I deleted mine in a fit of some kind of emotion. Dont have hardly any time to devote to it. But we will see. A little is better than nothing at all. I remember what fun it was. Just saying Hi !!!

    • OH MY GOSH, I have been thinking about you and your family, it is so good to hear from you. I kept checking in on your blog and then it was gone so I started checking new ones to see if you started a new one. How are you?

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