Things About This Week…..

Saturday, even though I am currently not working, I still love Saturday.  For some people Saturday is a sleep late day, not for us, we generally wake up about the same time everyday, like clockwork.  For others Saturday is a day for house cleaning and getting errands run.  Since I’m home during the week I try to get most of that done before Saturday so that on Saturday we have nothing to do.

Saturday is usually our day to be lazy, our day with one or more of the grandbabies.  Today will be no different, our little Eric is coming over later today while his mommy is working.

If we don’t have any of the grandbabies on Saturday it’s our time, Walt’s and mine, to spend the day together, maybe have lunch or dinner out, catching an early (cheap matinée) movie, maybe a stroll through the mall.  Sometimes it’s the only day for us to run errands that we need to do together or want to do together.  Sometimes it’s just the day we want to lock ourselves in, eat junk food, watch a video or two and ignore the front door and/or phone.

It’s also a day that I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the blog so Saturday has become a day that I list a few of the things that made me smile this week.  So here we go;

  • I loved that Kaylee was so brave when she got her tooth pulled and that her mom and Mio said afterward she wanted to come to grandma’s
  • I loved that I Josh and I had a very unplanned dinner on Thursday
  • I loved Eric’s creativity yesterday.  Nikki and I were on the phone and Eric wanted to shower (Eric would shower 100 times a day, love that boy), Nikki told him no.  He spilled lemonade on his pants, told Nikki he had an accident, pee’d his pants he needed a shower.  When Nikki called him out and told him she knew it was lemonade, he said “well can I still have a shower?”  Very creative, nice try.
  • I love that Nikki had lunch with Smurf (John) on Friday, friends since childhood I think of Smurf as one of my own it’s been a long time since they’ve had a one on one
  • I loved that the teenager who was on his break at Randazzo went out of his way to get a cart and bring it to me as I was walking up to the store
  • I loved the lady at Meijer who stopped me told me she loved the gray streak in my hair, she loved the color.  She was surprised when I told her that my little streak is natural that I’ve had it since I was 30 and have given up trying to cover it (for now).  It’s really more of a patch than a streak.  My Mom grayed naturally and beautifully, I will not be so lucky.
  • I loved how the house smelled last night while I was baking (take your pick there are multiple names for this cake) Gooey Butter Cake, Neiman Marcus Brownies or Chess Cake…..I want a candle that smells exactly like that.
  • I love that it’s early Saturday morning, the house is quiet except for snoring that papa says he doesn’t do (he double checked with me last night to make sure today is Saturday), a new recipe is all ready assembled and in the crock pot in the refrigerator waiting to be turned on in a few hours and now……my Saturday post is done.

Have a great Saturday everyone and a relaxing weekend!!


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