Shopping Day

Getting a late start today on the blog, it was grocery shopping day.  We live between two Meijer stores; a third is close by but not quite as close as the other two.  After much frustration with the one we’ve been going to for years, shelves not stocked, sales items not available, not enough name brand choices on the shelves, I decided to drive in the other direction and see if that Meijer was any better.  Well I’ve been shopping at that Meijer for about three weeks now and have to say, yes, it is much, much better.  Not only is the selection better, they have more help on the floor and managers walking around asking if you’ve found what you’re looking for.

I’ll have some interesting new menu’s for you next week, including white cheese brownies and  M&M Cookies.  It not go unnoticed by me, that I am a creature of habit.  Two weeks ago everything I made was on the spicy side.  This week everything seemed to be in brown gravy or red.  The next week has three or four days of slow cooker meals.  I don’t know how I’ve come so far from creating the great meal planners that I used to create.

It’s like I’m Alice In Wonderland…..whatever hole I fall into to find the first recipe to put on my planner I somehow never dig my way out of that hole and the whole week follows that pattern.   I have promised myself that I am going to start planning earlier in the week and mix it up more.   We’ll see how that goes the next week.

I like meal planning, it does have its advantages.  For me the biggest benefit is that I only buy what’s on my list so that saves me money.  My list is set up to the store layout so it saves me time.  It also means no unnecessary trip(s) out to the store during the week since I buy everything while I’m at the store during my weekly shopping trip.  It helps rotate what I have on my cupboard shelves, use up things that I’m running low on or have too much of.  Most of the time (although maybe not lately for me) it allows for variety.

Tonight I was supposed to take Josh and Kaylee to their karate lesson but at the last-minute they didn’t want to go tonight.  They were both really tired, especially Kaylee but Josh said he would like to have dinner with me so we went to his favorite restaurant, Theo’s.  Josh is royalty at Theo’s, he doesn’t even have to tell the girls what he wants they already know Josh orders chicken strips and fries with a sprite.  I had a cup of potato soup and chicken pot pie, both were delicious!  I’m glad I have a little left over either for a midnight snack or lunch tomorrow.

Yesterday was re-heat day.  Walt has been taking sandwiches instead of taking what’s left over from the day before so we had a nice little smorgashbord, it was almost like a wedding buffet; ravioli, meatballs, potatoes, gravy and peas.  A little bit of everything and it was yummy.  Unfortunately it also means that I don’t have a new recipe for you tonight.

Have you had a chance to check out the new recipe pages we’re working on?  They are not complete yet but I’m working on getting all the recipes we’ve previously posted listed on those pages for easier access to recipes.  Bear with us during this “construction” period, we’ll have it all together soon.

That’s it for tonight….we’ll see you back here tomorrow.


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