Restless, Fidgety, Anxious

Another week begins, work, chores, errands and obligations.  None of us are without any or part of it, even kids.  Kids have school, sports and other after school activities.  If they have parents that work then possibly they go to latch key or day care instead of right home.  Retiree’s have errands, some slow driving (just teasing), retiree breakfasts or lunch, trips to grocery stores to walk around, “just looking” to kill time.  A lot of retiree’s head over to the local mall’s before the stores open to do their morning power walking and socializing.  Many retiree’s volunteer, hospitals, churches, the zoo and more.  None of us, young or old, are without some type of weekly routine.

I am getting antsy.  I really never thought that I would say that or use that word but I am; anxious, fidgety, edgy, impatient, restless, worried, tense, jumpy.   I know that there are many reasons around this feeling I have, the last few weeks have been the worst, wanting to land a job, the weather keeping me mostly indoors, Walt’s work hours, and more.

I need something to fill up these days especially now that Walt is starting work at 1:30 p.m. instead of at 12:30 p.m.  I’m in the part of antsy where you start multiple projects and get none of them done.  There are another 100 things you want to start but at a loss for how to begin.  There are days you get bursts of energy, change things around, move things, throw things out so that when you wake up the next morning you (or your spouse, most likely) are tripping over things or looking for things that you’ve either thrown out of moved and you can’t remember which we’ve done thrown it out or moved it.

When I was laid off in 2008, I volunteered twice a week tutoring 1st graders in reading.  I loved it.  I met some of the sweetest little kids around, all of them unfiltered.  Luckily I did not know any of their families personally, some stories were funny, some were sad, others were just too heartbreaking.  All of the kids were shy the first couple of weeks they didn’t know me but by the third week they were eager to spend time with me and talk about what they were reading at home, by the end of the first month they were all clamoring to be first one to go out to the study area with me.  It was an awesome experience I will never forget, it came at a time that I really needed to keep my mind focused on something.

I need to get involved in something again, I have a few ideas that I need to check out.  As bad as this sounds the hard part is getting involved in something and then having to give it up when I go back to work so I want to make sure that whatever I get involved in I can still volunteer maybe in the evening.  I’ll have to see where this trail leads.

We had a great weekend, Saturday here in Michigan was beautiful.  Heat turned off for a little bit, opened a few windows to let all the germs out (now there’s an old wives tale for you, hopefully we let the germs out and not in), people were walking wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, kids rode their bikes, you could hear the roar of Harley engines rumbling in the distance (Surprise…this granny can tell a Harley sound from any other).  It was deceiving, I knew it was NOT going to last.  Sunday it rained, hard actually, but still I will take that over snow.

Josh and Eric hung out with us, playing, watching a little TV, a little pizza on the grill.  Papa and I had Creamy Potato Corn Chowder which was, as always fantastic.  Even the mail lady, Maureen, stopped to ask what I was cooking, she said she could smell it through the open window.   I have to remember to write out the recipe for her.  You can find the recipe on our site here;  It was a pretty relaxing, uneventful weekend.  The kind I like.

Eric is at the age where he likes to chit-chat.  It is hysterical actually because Eric’s stories are either innocently honest (which most kids are) or he is going to be a wonderful story-teller.  Eric is at the age that you need to be careful what you say and do in front of him, because even when you think he is not listening he is, what he hears he can only half interpret or remember and he somehow the things he’s heard or saw work into his play.  He can be sitting on the couch or playing on the floor and all of a sudden out of the blue you’ll get a  “Hey you know what……..”  The stories we heard about school were funny, the best part was listening to Eric and Papa in the other room when Eric was saying his teacher’s name; Mrs. Chadwick and papa couldn’t understand him, Papa kept getting it wrong.  You could hear the frustration in poor little Eric’s voice and I’m sure Eric was thinking “You old goat I said Chadwick….Mrs. Chadwick!” (because I know I was thinking it).  Eric is at the age of story telling, it’s fun trying to figure out whether they are true or embellished.

Joshua at 8 (9 in two months) is growing out of the little boy stage.  There was once a time when he and I would curl up on the couch during playoff season and watch anything and everything on Nick Jr.  Papa would either watch the games in the bedroom or downstairs while Josh and I watched Max and Ruby, Little Bill, Wubbzy and more in the livingroom.  Now, weekend football schedules are posted on my kitchen blackboard and there is a lot of yelling, cheering and high fiving going on in the livingroom.  It’s not papa, it’s our Joshie.  He has become quite the little sports nut, I am amazed when I sit in the kitchen and listen to the conversations he and papa have during a game and I wonder how my baby left one weekend and came back the next a little boy.  It feels like it was that quick, but Josh, out of all three grandbabies is the one that truly understands that all three grandbabies will always be grandma’s babies, whether they are four, five or eight or 40.

Our Kaylee stayed home with her momma this weekend.  She was a little under the weather on Friday, had some flu-like stuff going on but Cindy said she bounced back quickly.  Kaylee, her momma and Mio enjoyed a quiet girls weekend at home.  When we took Josh home on Sunday night Kaylee was all smiles and full of energy, so glad that whatever it was she had didn’t last that long.

Now it’s time to start another week, but before I go I do have a recipe for you.  Friday night I made papa his Creamed Chipped Beef On Toast and he loved it.  His only complaint, which I figured it would be, was that it was too salty.  I knew that from researching a ton of recipes and comments, a lot of people posted that if you want to reduce the salt content to soak the meat in water.  I will do that next time, but since this was my first time making it I tried to keep it as close to the recipes that I was researching.  Walt said it’s definitely a keeper with.  This recipe is going to be an accumulation of a few with a twist of my own.  If you try it let us know how it turned out, we love feedback.

A couple of notes about dried beef (just in case you didn’t know like me):

Armour Dried Beef Packet

  • I used Armour Dried Beef 4.5 oz in a packet, the also sell it in a jar.
  • Dried beef is generally found near the canned meats like tuna and chicken.
  • The dried beef is sliced really thin and in a circle, you can cut the circle into 4’s so that it makes the strips of beef.
  • This makes enough to pour over about 3-4 slices of toast.


Chipped Beef

What You’ll Need:

1 – pkt.       Armour Dried Beef (4.5 oz)

1   Small    Onion chopped

2 tbsp.       Butter

2 tbsp.       Flour

2 cups        Milk


Nutmeg (No idea why I decided to add it, I just thought it would be a good addition)


  • Slice dried beef into strips
  • Melt butter in pan
  • Add onion and dried beef – move the beef around to separate
  • Add flour – mix well into meat and onion
  • Pepper to taste
  • Add milk gradually stirring constantly – it will thicken as it cooks over medium heat
  • Sprinkle nutmeg in (I did not measure, just sprinkle some on top and stir in, it would be less than an 1/8 of a tsp.)
  • Serve over toast or biscuits

Chipped Beef

 Source: N. Rezich


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