GRRR – Technology At It Again!

Wednesday, the middle of the week, for most it’s over the hump day.  Two days down, Wendnesday…two days left till the weekend.  Wednesday should be a happy day, a stress free day.

For the most part mine was.  Walt got the wood glue bottle unglued for me before he went to work, I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning and had fun (I love my dentist and my hygieniit, they are mother and daughter!!), the sun was shinning, some snow melted, it was 40 degrees in January. Awesome day!

Life was good, awesome day until once again Pinterest and technology screwed up my post!!  I can’t get into Pinterest to get my recipe for the Enchilada Lasagna I made the other day which was fantastic by the way, Pinterest server has the hiccups yet again.

Sorry dear family, friends and fellow bloggers….no recipe today.  This is my que to go out and get a printer!!

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!





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