Things About This Week….

On Saturday’s, just before the holidays, I had started to post a recap of a few of the things that made me smile or were positive for the week.  I also posted a list of things that frustrated me during the week, remember the photo of the guy who took up four parking spaces for his pickup truck at Meijer?

As I started to work on this morning’s post I was going over some of the things that frustrated me this week and I stopped to think for a minute.  Hadn’t I, just a few days ago on my New Year’s Day post, said that I wasn’t going to dwell on the negative anymore?  That negative wasn’t welcome here this year?  I did, and so I am not.  I am not going to dwell on the negative and only give you a quick summary of the positive, the things that made me laugh or smile, the things that I loved about the week.  So, here we go…..

Things about this week that made me smile:

  • New Year’s Eve with Eric and his stories (I am at some point going to share them because they are hysterical)
  • Joshua’s last-minute call to say he wanted to come watch the Michigan game with papa on New Year’s Day
  • Kaylee’s bright smile and hugs….sharing a picture she just colored
  • Walt’s clean bill of health from the E.N.T.
  • Having Walt home to grocery shop with me, if he wasn’t with me the funny conversation with another couple about couples and ice cream would not have taken place

Have a great Saturday everyone….look for the things that make you smile!


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