Recipes and Modern Technology

Pinterest.  Months ago everyone was talking about how great Pinterest is and almost everyone I know started creating boards and friending everyone. I was one of the few to jump onto the bandwagon late and I did complain on here and to friends about it a little.  My complaints were mostly about the fact that you see the same recipes over and over again because people “Repin” them.

I will admit that now, out of all of my family and friends, I am probably the one that visits Pinterest more often than anyone, I visit at least once a day sometimes more.  Several recipes that I’ve tried and posted on here were from Pinterest.  Some of the dishes have turned out really great and others, ehh…not so much.

The one thing that I have noticed about Pinterest is that it has a lot of server issues and I do mean ALOT.  Today I can’t get on it all, the notice says that their server has the “hiccups” so I won’t be able to post the mac and cheese recipe that Eric and I made on New Year’s Eve.  Almost everyday, almost every time, their server gets stuck when I am on it. I will be scrolling down the screen and all of a sudden halfway down the site will freeze and I will either have to refresh the screen or log off and then back on.  I have to say it does get really frustrating.

It is not only Pinterest with server problems.  I think I’ve mentioned in a blog or two that I have accounts and “Recipe Boxes” on just about every name brand website from Nestles to Kraft to McCormick.  I love my recipe sites, I do love the ease of clicking on a save button and not having a lot of papers lying around in folders because I keep forgetting to get binders.  And I have to say that it is kind of nice to take the laptop into the kitchen and pull up a recipe.  The name brand sites are not without issues either, maybe not as often as Pinterest but there have been times when I was unable to pull a recipe up from a name brand site.

Another issue I have with all of these sites and our ability to “Repin” or “Save” is that if a name brand recipe site decides it is not going to post a recipe any longer you lose it….even if you have it saved in your recipe box and if someone decides to delete their blog, you don’t have access to the recipes they posted.  I have gone to my Campbell’s recipe box several times and have tried to pull an old recipe in my box only to find that they have deleted the recipe from their site.  I get a message that says they are sorry the recipe is no longer available but I am welcome to try these other, similar recipes which they created convenient links to.  I don’t want other similar recipes!!!  I want the one that I’ve made a few times, the one my family already loves, the one I saved in my on-line recipe box!!

To be fair to the recipe sites, sometimes the issues have been with our cable provider.  If’ we’ve lost our cable connection due to weather, outages or technical difficulties there is a good possibility Papa Walt is not going to get any dinner or he is going to get something entirely different from what I told him he was having when he left for work!!

Modern technology is not all it’s cracked up to be.  It’s not always as easy or convenient as we’re lead to believe.  In the last 48 hours I’ve discovered that thanks to the computer my handwriting looks like crap, so much so that I don’t even recognize it as my own and now I can’t get into Pinterest to share my recipe for today’s blog.

Just last night Walt once again told me that we are going to be left behind in the world of technology…we need to start upgrading to new models, newer programs.  Walt wants to upgrade to an I-phone.  I love the man dearly but he can barely use the model we have, I don’t think an I-phone is the answer.  AND, he still on this whole reading a book on-line!  I want to hold a book, I want to smell it and feel it.  I want to turn its pages!  I really wish I could fast-forward through commercials, they are making him crazy.  After my frustrations this morning I say pshhhh!!!

In 2013 I am going back to basics.  I am going to start using paper and pencil a lot more often AND after I find a recipe I really like and I know that it’s a keeper I am going to print it (oh yea, I have to replace the broken printer first) and stick it into a binder.  I’ll create my own cute, personal recipe books because right now at this exact moment this is the right decision for me.

Well at least it’s the right decision for me right now at this exact moment.  Check back with me in a few hours when Pinterest is back up and all I have to do is cut and paste the recipe to my blog and hit “Publish.”  You never know, my whole outlook on technology could take a new turn!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!


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