A New Blog Addition

For the last year I have enjoyed writing our little family blog, sharing a little bit about our family as well as some tasty recipes.  As I became more comfortable with writing my own blog I began following other family and food blogs.  Through a few of those blogs I found links to poetry, writing and photography blogs and instantly became a fan.  In the early hours of morning I found myself glued to my computer following what others were sharing in this part of the blogging world I had stumbled upon by accident.  I loved it.

This past summer on a quiet, warm night I found myself alone on my patio.  As I enjoyed the privacy and solitude my patio offers I looked around at the burst of color from the plants in planters and those planted under the trees.  Content and happy in my secluded little spot, hidden from neighbors views, I started to jot down a few thoughts about my little patio and soon it became a poem.  A poem that I eventually found the courage to share here on Rezich Family Kitchen.

Our yard and nature is also how I began sharing photo’s of the butterflies and birds that call our backyard home for the summer.  Believe it or not my little Kodak Easy Share M381 can take some pretty decent photo’s of natures visitors to our yard (I am hoping for a camera upgrade, I know it will have to wait until I go back to work).

As the summer went on, my confidence just a little higher, I submitted a few poems and a photo or two to a few of the challenges on 20 Lines A Day, you can visit through them through this link: http://anexerciseindiscipline.com/.  It’s also where I found additional blogs that I love to follow.  I found inspiration in the writings of those who fight with addiction and those who are haunted with depression, beautifully expressing themselves in the stories and poems they create.  Their words reaching my heart, their honesty about the challenges they face reminding me of people I love who face similar challenges, demons and ghosts.

I have over the last few months shared a few of my poems and photo’s on this our family blog and appreciate the “Likes” and comments that many of you have shared.  But this blog was really started as a fun project about our family, especially our grandchildren and their never-ending antics, adventures and comments.  It’s a place for us to share stories and recipes.

That’s why, once again on yet another December 31, I decided to start a second blog, one that is just for me.  A place to let my suppressed Pisces creativity take me on a journey, making a stop or two along the way to jot down my thoughts and explore my imagination for inspiration.  A place to share a poem, a short story and even a photo or two.

My new blog is called “A Mystical Butterfly” because like a butterfly, I am coming out of the safety net of my creative cocoon, ready to spread my wings and fly into a world of endless creative possibilities.  I hope you’ll join me on my new adventure.



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