After Christmas Day….

Ok, so it’s the day after Christmas Day.  All the running around adrenaline fueled days are behind you.  How do you spend that week between Christmas and the new year?

There was a time when Walt and I both had the time off because we worked in the auto industry.   I am home simply because I’m not working, Walt however no longer gets this week as a freebie mini vacation.  We used to do lots of things during this week, bowling, movies, visiting relatives, shopping, dinners out, junk food night watching old Christmas movies.  Now we don’t get the time to do all of those things with Walt’s work schedule.

I spent Wednesday morning putting away the good china and serving dishes.  We also had a major snow storm on Wednesday, it left just about 8″ of snow on the ground and me grateful that I had leftovers in the refrigerator so that when Walt got home from work we could just be lazy and snack on leftovers.  Worked out really well.

Thursday night we had a movie night out with Joshie and my brother Greg, we went to see “The Hobbit” which we all loved.  It was the 2nd time Joshua saw it.  They serve cookies now at the movies, not big ones, little ones that go in a cup….I am a little confused by that.  Anyway, the movie was awesome, we had a great night.

Today Josh was here for a little bit today, we had a lazy morning and afternoon playing games and watching a little TV before taking him back to his momma for a little family time at his house.

We had take-out from Theo’s Restaurant for an early dinner and an evening spent together watching movies.  Two of our favorite Christmas movies are probably not what you would expect; “Surviving Christmas” with Ben Affleck and “The Family Stone” with Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson.  Walt has seen both of these movies more than once and laughs so hard each time he just about cries.

I think we like them and the humor in them because we can relate to the dysfunctional Christmas that each family celebrates.  I guess it somehow relates back to my need for a Hallmark Christmas which ultimately turns into something else entirely.

Now, a few minutes before 10:00 p.m., Walt is already fast asleep.  Part of it is due to the fact that he has been up since 3:00 a.m. this morning.  So right now the house is quiet, the livingroom lite up with only the lights from our tree, the tree which is coming down tomorrow so that it makes trash day on Monday.

Tomorrow we’re headed over to Walt’s sister’s house to celebrate Christmas with the “Rezich” clan.  I am in charge of making cheesy potatoes.  I am going to try to remember my camera, I think it’s time we let the other side in on some of the blogging fun.


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