Picture Perfect Christmas

Christmas at our house is always highly anticipated.  The grandbabies are always anxious to tear into their gifts and the adults are anxious to dig into the tasty food.  I of course want everything to be picture perfect.

I have always had grand delusions that the grandbabies will all sit quietly and open their gifts one at a time so that the adults can sit around and watch them unwrap them.  I am also delusional about photo’s.  I always hope that everyone will cooperate, they don’t.  I get funny faces, crabby faces and hiding faces.

Ok so maybe not all of the photo’s are like that, the first few are picture perfect until everyone gets tired of grandma’s “Wait, wait, smile, come on smile for grandma,  just one more.”  In the background you can hear papa Walt saying “let’s make sure that my socked feet or belly don’t get in this year’s photo’s ok?”

Our Christmas’ are a cross between “It’s A Wonderful Life” and a “Griswold Christmas.”  Much like “It’s A Wonderful Life” our house is noisy, everyone trying to talk over each other and grandbabies talking a mile a minute, excited about opening gifts.  Much like a “Griswold Christmas” because as much as I would like to have this picture perfect, Hallmark movie, Thomas Kinkade painting kind of Christmas, it’s not who we are and the more I try to create a picture perfect Christmas the crazier and louder it really gets.

So this year I gave up…..no schedules, no plans, no rushing.  I set up a buffet of ham, fried chicken (from our local market), corn-corn bread casserole, cheesy potatoes, baked beans, a decorated snowman cake and Christmas cookies (from a bakery) and no timelines.  We even didn’t make the grandbabies wait until after they had something to eat before we allowed them to open presents.  This year opening gifts came first and I am happy to say it worked out much better.

I love that my grandchildren see coming to grandma’s on Christmas Day as tradition.  I am grateful to have my family together on Christmas Day even if they come and go throughout the day.   And I know that it in time as the grandbabies get older things will change.   I’m prepared for that because it really is more about our time together, no matter how loud or crazy that time might be and it is becoming less about me trying get everyone to live up to my Thomas Kindkade, Hallmark Movie kind of Christmas fantasy.

Nikki and Eric Christmas 2012

John Josh and Kaylee Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012


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