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I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday already, the pre-holiday week is flying by quickly. We don’t have a lot to do, I’ve ordered the ham and the cake, today I need to run into Michelle’s to reserve my bread. As the week goes on I’m working on my grocery list for the other things I’ll need for our Christmas Day dinner. I am keeping the menu simple and buffet style so that Walt and I have time to spend with the kids. There are still a few gifts left to wrap but thanks to Walt who wrapped all of the grandchildren’s gifts for me, I only have a few things left. Of course there is a little house cleaning to be done. For the most part we are ready for Christmas.

As of yesterday morning we thought Walt was going to have to work on Christmas Eve, it’s a mandatory work day for them and we’re not used to that. We’ve been lucky that Walt hasn’t worked a Christmas Eve since he started with this company simply because of the way the holidays have fallen the last few years. As of yesterday afternoon Walt will have the day off only because one of the other guys said he would come in and make sure operations are shut down and the facility secure. So…Walt will use a vacation day and hang out with me.

I have been cooking while I was away from our blog for a few days and today I’m going to share a new slow cooker pot roast recipe with you. I never thought I would say this but I have found our new favorite. Yes family and friends, this recipe is going to replace “Three Envelope Pot Roast” that my family and friends are now making and have fallen in love with. It won’t replace Three Envelope completely, but it is definitely our new favorite, it’s called Mississippi Pot Roast and I found it on Pinterest. I think I could make this every Sunday except my sweet Walt does not do well with repeats that close together. Fussy, fussy, fussy!

I almost didn’t make this roast because of the pepperoncini peppers (I don’t like them) but I’m so glad I got over that (in fact I added additional peppers) and made this deliciously tender roast this past Sunday. I found this recipe which was posted by Candis Berge on Pinterest from her blog;  Candis notes that she got the recipe from Laurie’s Life;   OK, I think I’ve covered all my bases with tracking the recipe orgin at least the best to my ability.

I am really beginnng to love my Slow Cooker Sundays!!  Here is the recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast, try this one and let us know how you like it.


Slow Cooker Pot Roast


What You’ll Need

3-4 lb.     Chuck Roast (I used a 3.10 lb roast)

1 Pkt.       Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (NOT THE DIP PACKET)

1 Pkt.       McCormick Au Jus Gravy (You can replace with a packet of brown gravy)

1 Stick      Butter (Butter NOT Margarine and I used salted you could use unsalted)

5                Pepperoncini peppers (From a jar – I used 7 because I thought they were small)


  • Spray slow cooker with Pam
  • Place roast in slow cooker
  • Sprinkle Hidden Valley all over the top of the roast (all over to cover)
  • Sprinkle Au Jus all over the top of the Hidden Valley (all over to cover)
  • Place stick of butter on top of the roast – right in the center
  • Place the  Pepperoncini peppers around the butter
  • Cook:    Low 8 hours          High 6 Hours   (I cooked mine on high)
  • Do not lift the lid of the slow cooker

NOTE:  As the roast begins to cook you may think that you need to add water….DO NOT ADD ANY WATER OR LIQUID.  The roast will cook without any liquid.

Sunday Pot Roast

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