Newtown And Sandy Hook This Is How We Will Remember You

To the people of Newtown and the Angels, students, teachers and staff of Sandy Hook.

As the days progress Walt and I choose to remember you as a small town with a close-knit community.  We will not remember you for the tragedy that has occurred in your tiny town and school, we will remember you for your courage, love and sense of community.  Our wish for you is that soon, the media and prying eyes of the curious move on so that you can do what you obviously do best….take care of your own and heal together.

When we think of the students of Sandy Hook, the Angels who are no longer with their classmates we will remember the smiling faces of those who left this world to soon, the dancers and sports fans, the horse lovers and scouts.  We will remember that some had personalities that were larger than life while others were shy and nurturing.  We will remember your lives and how 20 little Angels touched the hearts of people they never knew.

For the students who will one day return to school, we will see you as bright, brave and full of life.  Young lives that will grow to become future community leaders, dancers, doctors, firemen, policemen and one day parents.  Who knows….maybe one day our paths will cross, maybe we’ll see you in a broadway play or have you as our doctor.  And maybe, just maybe one day we’ll be voting for one of you as you run for President of the United States.

To all of the teachers and staff of Sandy Hook, those who were taken too soon and those that are left behind to create a new normal for all of the little ones who return to class.  All of you will be remembered for your love of children and dedication to teaching.  You will be remembered for your unselfish acts of putting yourselves in harms way to protect the young and your creativity in keeping the children distracted through uncertainty.  You are all amazing.

To the local police, fire fighters, first responders, state police and all those responding to the scene.  You will be remembered as courageous, brave, kind, compassionate, humble, diligent, discreet.  Your dedication and determination is amazing.

We will remember you Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary as an amazing little town filled with amazing people both young and old.  And as we move our lives forward all of you will always be in our hearts and prayers.

My Thoughts

This is my first post since Friday when I heard the MSNBC news anchor announce breaking news of yet another shooting, this time in a school, an elementary school in Connecticut.  At the moment all the anchor knew was that an adult had been shot in the foot and it was believed the gunman was dead.  No further details were available.

My first thoughts were about our grandchildren and I began to pray.  The lighthearted post I had ready to publish went into the draft file and I changed my post to reflect my moment of prayer.  Prayers that came easily and rapidly for our grandchildren, for the children of the Sandy Hook Elementary, their families and the community.  I prayed that the only injury was the one reported, someone shot in the foot and that the only death was that of the alleged shooter.

As the day went on and events unfolded, even I, almost 900 miles away from this tragedy, unbelieving and horrified at what I was hearing on the news, fell onto the couch and wept in utter disbelief and sadness.  Sadness for such young lives to be lost, disbelief that someone, anyone would target the sweet innocence of children, fearful of the fact that the school demographic would have easily put any one of our three precious grandchildren at risk had this tragedy unfolded here.  And then of course came the tears out of anger and frustration.  Frustrated and angry that yet again innocent lives were lost due to unnecessary violence.

At the hand of an unstable person?  We’ll never really know but I’m not buying into that as a reason.  Let’s be honest here, the kid knew how use those weapons.  He gathered arms and supplies, he dressed to carry, he had a plan and he carried it out.  And then the coward, rather than face his fate, turned a gun on himself.  Come on, how unstable could this kid really be?  Evil, black heart, no morals, no conscious, a coward, all of this bests describes him.

And to all the gun enthusiasts who say “Stop blaming guns.”  This evil person killed innocent people by means of a high-powered weapon.  Absolutely nothing anyone can say or do will ever be able to “white wash” that fact.  Had the types of weapons he was carrying not been made legal and accessible this tragedy would not have unfolded the way that it did.

GUNS KILL PEOPLE AT THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE CARRYING THEM!!  Had this evil person gone into that school with anything other than a gun or some type of firearm the outcome would have been much different, maybe the thought would have never entered his mind.  Perhaps if he entered that school with something other than a gun principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung and psychologist Mary Sherlach would have been able to subdue him, disarm him, stop him before he made it to the classrooms, the teachers and all those beautiful young lives.

Something has to be done about gun control in this nation.  I don’t know what the plan should be but I know there needs to be stronger, enforcable laws that are met with punishment other than a slap on the hand and a fine.  Walt and I don’t own guns, we have no desire to own guns.  That doesn’t mean that our opinion doesn’t count.

Politicians and local school board members, I’ll be contacting you giving you my opinion of what I feel needs to be done.  I won’t let you hide behind “our hands our tied,” that comment is no longer good enough.  I know that others are doing the same as well, we all have to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, let your voices be heard, contact your local politicians make them accountable.  Politicians and school board members, if you can’t get it done, we’ll elect people who can.

To the news media….stop, enough now.  We have the current most up-to-date information available.  Stop filling 24 hours a day re-running footage of Friday and previously recorded interviews.  Stop trying to get footage of family and friends attending funerals of the victims, let the families grieve in peace.  Stop going back to the parents and survivors of Columbine and VA Tech, let them live their lives.

Don’t tell me “John Q. Public” wants to know so you have to report.  I am “John Q Public” and I want you to leave the town, the people and the grieiving familes alone.  Quit trying to raise your rating by hoping to be the first to report “Breaking News” which is usally old news reworded or announcing “Bombshell tonight….” which never results into any new information.  We are not watching.

You want to be productive media people?  Stay on top of the White House and lawmakers who say this time it will be different, that this time things will change.  That’s what I want to see, I want to see pressure put on lawmakers to hold true to those words….I don’t want empty words or promises I want action and I want action fast, now, within days, weeks….not months or years, I want to see progress.

News media….I want you to leave the picturesque little town and leave these beautiful people alone….stop prying and poking.  Let them grieve in peace, let them heal, let them breathe.  So long as you are there families of the victims and the survivors are in hiding, prisoners in their homes trying to avoid you, your camera and your questions.


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