Stopping To Say A Prayer

As I watch the news this morning about the shooting at the elementary school in Newton, CT I have decided to save the post I had planned and simple say this…..

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Kiss your children, hug them and hold them close, they are God’s most precious gift to us.

Say a prayer for the children and families involved in this horrific act that some way, some how they move forward from this.

Pray for the Newton community

Pray that as this tragedy unfolds there aren’t any more fatalities other than the one reported of the gunman.

Pray for this crazy world we live in, a world where violence reaps its ugly head in the least likely places

Pray, pray hard, pray long and make your prayers heartfelt…..because everyday it becomes more and more apparent that we can no longer say “that would never happen here.”


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