This -n- That Thursday

Just a little bit of this-n-that today it’s been a pretty crazy week around here as we get ready for the holidays and I continue to look for a job.  Lots of things going on, good things, frustrating things, even “I give up” kind of things, but it’s all life and life has a funny way of working things out.  I’ll ride the wave and see where I land.

Our coffee pot decided to give up the fight yesterday, we knew it was going to happen sooner or later and have been doing a little research on new ones.  We actually thought we were ahead of the game, we knew which one we wanted and our plan was to purchase the new one before the old one gave out….we didn’t make it.

Yesterday morning I started the coffee maker and went into the livingroom.  As I watched the news the sound and the smell coming from the kitchen just wasn’t right.  As I rounded the corner to check things out I discovered water and coffee grounds all over the counter top, running down my cabinets and puddling on the floor.  After a little tug of war it was decided that Walt would be the one to run out and grab a couple of “to-go” coffee’s for us.  Gotta have that caffeine!!

I’m happy to say we have a new coffee pot and our day started out really well with a great cup of coffee until Walt received a text from his boss asking him to come in ASAP because there were some problems with some of the equipment and Walt is the only one who knows how to fix it.  This is peak season for them, people have to have their packages so off Walt went to work to make sure things are up and running before the trucks return tonight.  Now, here I sit at my computer, the house unusually quiet for this time of day.

I had a very successful phone interview this week for a contract position that would start right after the holidays, I am hoping to make it to the next round which is a face to face interview.  It’s an HR position, doing some research, analyzing, and developing a succession plans for key positions in the organization.  The problem with “successful interviews” is that there are potentially three other “successful interviews” scheduled after yours.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Walt and I had another “up all night talking, cheap bottle of wine” night last night.  This time we included chocolate covered cherries (you know the little boxes that you can only find at Christmas) it was a fantastic combination.  The wine was Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s one of my favorites.  Actually I don’t think there is Robert Mondavi Private Selection that I don’t like.  We don’t do these nights often so I love our “up most of the night chatting wine nights.”  I needed one of those nights….figuratively speaking, not literally.

I made a new cubed steak recipe in the slow cooker this week.  Walt said it was tasty but…..I love when there is a “but.”  Not because I particularly like to hear that I’ve made something that Walt is not particularly enjoying, it’s because it is actually quite comical watching him dance around how he is going to tell me that he isn’t a fan of something new I’ve made.

So this time the “but” was “it’s tasty but…..I prefer the one you made that was breaded and in a brown gravy with onions, you don’t have to make this one again.”  Sometimes Walt misses the point of the slow cooker recipes, the idea that dinner can simmer in the slow cooker all day without my having to do anything with it or to it and I can come and go without worrying about it.

The dinner that Walt was comparing today’s recipe to is one that was actually born out of a mistake I made.  I accidentally bought cubed steak instead of cubed pork and didn’t realize in enough time to search for recipes so I scrambled to come up with what to do with cubed steak since I’d never made it before.  That recipe was born out of necessity, the short time before dinner and what items I had on had.

Mom made my version on Sunday and said that she and my dad enjoyed it, Mom is going to make it a regular in her rotation…Thanks Mom!!  Here is the link to that recipe….

Here is the recipe for the slow cooker version I made earlier this week and of course the link to site I found it on through Pintrest.  It’s a good recipe, I think if I do make it again I’ll add some onion and maybe mushrooms.  I only cooked my steaks for a little over four hours on high and even though they were tender, I think I might let them go 5 or 6 hours the next time.

Cube Steak

Slow Cooker Cubed Steak

What You’ll Need:

Cube steak  (I used 4, you could use the family pack)

2 cans (10.75 ounce size) cream of mushroom soup

1 envelope onion soup mix

3/4  cup water

Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Place cubed steak in the bottom of the slow cooker
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Cover with the mushroom soup
  • Mix the onion soup mix with the water and pour into the slow cooker
  • Cook:      High:  4-6 hours          Low: 8 hours

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