Mild Monday And A Missing Tooth Too

What a great Monday we had yesterday!  Temperatures in the afternoon were right around 53 degrees and although it was foggy, it still was nice outside.  I left the jacket at home and wore nothing but one of Joshua’s school hoodie sweatshirts all afternoon while running my errands.  I even drove with the windows down.  To celebrate spring like temperatures my last stop was at Cold Stone for a small decadent chocolate sundae which was the perfect ending to an afternoon of running around.

We slept with the heat off, the bedroom window open and the ceiling fan on, it was pretty nice for December.  Not happy about waking up to the rain today, it’s pouring as I write and leaves one with the feeling that this rain is going to stick around all day.  It interferes with my plans today but I’ll take the rain over snow.

Walt came home at 9:40 p.m. to find the furnace turned off, the ceiling fan in the bedroom on and windows open.  The first thing Walt asked after he walked through the door was “Are you feeling ok?”  This is because I am the heat lover, 90 degree weather does not bother me.  I am sure part of this little internal furnace thing going on has to do with age but at this point that’s all I’m willing to say on that subject.

One of our little darlings reached another mile stone today, Josh lost one of his front teeth while he was eating dinner.  He told his mom it felt really lose and he said she barely touched it and it fell out.  Josh called me to let me know that it finally happened he was so excited, I love that he thinks about sharing things with me when we are not together.  Even Eric called me to tell me the first time he used the big boy that they share their milestones with grandma.

Lost Tooth

But, back to our lost front tooth.  This is not the first tooth Josh has lost, he’s lost a couple but the front teeth are biggies, milestones!  I have a feeling not that this one has fallen out, the rest will start falling quickly.

It is yet another reminder that my little people are growing up, I am desperate to keep all three of them babies but they are not cooperating.  They are growing and branching out…they are blossoming into little people, leaving the baby stuff behind.  I’m not ready but I’m letting them grow, praying that part of their roots continue to take hold at papa and grandma’s house.

I have a lead on a job and am hoping to hear word about scheduling an interview within the next few days.  It’s a one year contract position which I don’t mind, in fact, I welcome it.  I think as I start to wind my career down contract work will fit nicely into our plans.  If I get this position, I’ll be writing job descriptions and working on career development and succession planning for a large Tier I auto supplier.  The job is about 30 minutes from home which makes it even more attractive.  I spoke with the head hunter 3 times today so I’m taking this as a good sign that the client may ask me to come in for an interview.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Sorry to say no new recipe today, I made beef burritos’ which I’ve previously posted.  We almost decided to have dinner out when I discovered that the water in our house had been turned off.  After a quick call to the city water dept. a foreman came to our house to let us know that there was a water main break down at the curve on our street; everyone on our street was without water and they didn’t know how long it would take to fix the problem and turn on the water.

I could not bring myself to have junk food, just couldn’t do it.  By the time Walt gets home at 9:40 p.m. the better restaurants with more to offer are closed.  I could live with dirty pots in the sink over night a lot easier than trying to eat McDonald’s or Burger King that late at night.  So with the help of bottled water beef burritos’ and spanish rice were back on the menu.  By 10:30 p.m. the water was back on, thank you!

Today is another busy run around day (if the rain slows down).  Remember the chicken and dumplings that I made a few weeks ago and was a little disappointed in?  Well tonight for dinner I’m making my version of chicken and dumplings.  John and Nikki like to call it Chicken Pot Pie but it really isn’t a traditional pot pie.  I’ll have photo’s and the recipe for you tomorrow.

Have a great Tuesday everyone…I’m off to start my day.

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