Welcome December

December 1….can you believe it?

A couple of years ago we had some things going on in our family and I was wishing time away…days, weeks, months, a year couldn’t go back quick enough.  But now time is flying by, weeks rush through like days and months fly by like a week.

I can remember as a child wishing time would go by quickly yet it always seemed to drag along taking forever for summer vacations and holidays to arrive.  Now, as I get older, time goes by more quickly, too quickly during a time I want things to slow down a little so I can enjoy our little people.

Today is our little Kaylee’s 5th birthday party it’s being held at the Karate school.  I can’t wait, it’s going to be an interesting and fun party; the little guests will receive a mini Karate lesson and Kaylee will cut her cake with a samurai sword!!  Of course my camera is charged and ready to go!

I am not going to let December get me crazy.  My Christmas shopping for our grandbabies is already done, thank you on-line shopping with Toys R Us, Playmobil and as much as I hate to have to do this….thank you UPS (sorry Papa Walt, i didn’t get to pick who delivered).

I have a few little things to pick up for others but nothing that is going to drive me crazy and truthfully, if I put my mind to it, I could get it all done on Monday and I probably will so that I don’t have to worry about anything except wrapping gifts and Christmas dinner.

So welcome December….I’m ready for you and for all that you’ll bring.


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