I Have Come Out Of The Closet….

….the closet in our home office.  In it there is a plastic clothes hanger.  On that clothes hanger is a plastic grocery bag.  In that grocery bag there are many other plastic grocery bags, wadded up, crumpled….waiting, wondering when they will see the light of day again.  If they are lucky, one day they may end up as the liner of the bathroom trash can, little do they know that from the bright bathroom trash can they go to a much darker place….never to be seen again.

At night, while we are sleeping, I know they reproduced…..magically, quietly, how else is it possible for crumpled up bags to mysteriously multiply and find their way to the closet floor.

But no more.  There will be no more trips to the closet on grocery shopping day.  No more crumpling up bags and shoving them into the hanging bag.  No more crumpled up plastic bags falling to the closet floor.

While standing in the checkout line at Meijer I made a split second decision and grabbed five (yes 5) reusable grocery bags.  While standing, waiting my turn there was an internal struggle to put them back.

Worries about their ability to hold groceries, smashed breads, milk and juice bottles falling all over the place were rushing through my mind.  Then the pre-OCD freak that I am came to light…..admitting the real issue of why I don’t like these bags.  How clean are these bags after you use them?  What about meats and chicken?  YUCK!!!  “Put them back….put them back….put them back” kept repeating itself in my head!!

THEN….it was my turn……I handed the cashier the bags, she began ringing up my order and packing…much to my surprise the bags had side pockets inside of them where she slipped in the juice and milk!!  When she came to the sausage and bacon she put them in a plastic baggie and slipped them into my reusable bag.  I cringed when I saw how many cans she was putting into another of the bags…I am never going to lift that, it’s going to break!!

The cashier turned the corral….the first bag was now in front of me….I needed to take off it off the corral and put it into my basket.  Much to my surprise when I picked up the bag with the milk and the juice the bottles stayed in place!  When I grabbed the bag with the cans it wasn’t heavy at all!!

My weekly groceries which cashiers usually pack into about 12 plastic bags have now been packed into 5 reusable bags.  Loading them into the back of my SUV was a breeze and when I got home the bags were upright and my groceries were still intact.  Cans were not rolling around the floor.  Does this mean no more tying the handles together so things won’t fall over  and end up on the floor of the car?

Unloading the car was quick and easy, my bread wasn’t smashed, the potato chips weren’t crushed and best of all….there aren’t any plastic bags to put away!

Who would have ever guessed that after all the years of fighting reusable bags there would be no more closeted bags for me………..I love my new reusable grocery bags.


4 thoughts on “I Have Come Out Of The Closet….

  1. I am the hugest fan of these kinds of bags. I have at least a dozen of them in different colors and styles, and use them every time I go shopping. I make sure to always hand the cashier the red one for putting meat into. That way I always know the meat is in that bag, and never produce or anything else. I even took a permanent marker and wrote “meat” on the side so that I wouldn’t forget. 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, I love the idea of the “red” bag. What’s funny is that while in the checkout line there was a red “Detroit Red Wings” bag and I picked it up and put it back in place of antoher green bag. I think next week I’ll pick up the red one for meats!!

  2. I love the Meijer bags. Not all of the reusable bags are such good quality. Great idea for the “red” bag. I don’t buy much meat at the grocery but I do like to have all my frozen and refrigerator items in a bag by themselves just in case I am lazy when I get home. I want to make sure that that stuff is put away. The others can sit on the kitchen floor for a while.

    • Hi Robin, thanks for sharing. I tend to drive people crazy when I grocery shop, those who are with me and those who stand behind me. I arrange my cart by groups, frozen, cold, boxes, cans, cleaning and paper products…I drive Walt crazy! I arrange everything the same way at the checkout and always make sure to tell the cashier how to pack….I can’t help it, it’s one of my little quirks!

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