Grandma Is Getting Stronger……..

Hello blogging world, family and friends!!  I want to send out a thank you to everyone for your prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery, they worked!!

It’s Thursday and Dr. Patel’s deadline as to whether or not I go back to see him.  Well…. I’m back up and around today so I’m not going back!  Although yesterday I really had some doubts about being able to say “yes I notice improvement” because I had a really bad day, I am happy to say that although I am not at 100% I am at least at 65%.  But Dr. Patel said I wouldn’t be at 100%, he thinks this will linger for a bit, he was only looking for noticeable improvement in my breathing and my voice.  Mission accomplished.

First I have a voice back, not mine but a voice, it’s more like a deep Lauren Bacall tone, it sounds like it was recorded on an old damaged cassette tape that crackles every now and then.  But, I can speak, make a statement and hear a voice.  Improvement one!

Second, the elephant has lifted his butt off of my chest!  I can take a deep breath today without coughing and there is almost no wheezing, there is a little wheeze there but not much.  I am no longer coughing up baby food processed peas (gross I know but it is what it is in the bronchitis, upper respiratory infection world).

Which leads us into taking a step back from the afternoon dose of codeine….I’ll skip the afternoon dose today and see how well I do and take the night-time one so I can sleep and make sure I didn’t come off of it too soon.  I have steroids for today and tomorrow and two pills left in the Z-Pak  one for today and one for tomorrow.

I lost my voice last Friday, I should have gone in then like Walt suggested, but I was sure it was just my regular ole “losing my voice in fall” thing.  I lose my voice a lot to sinus infections but always once in the spring and once in the fall just because the weather changes and that’s what I chalked this up to and we had a busy weekend coming, it was Joshua’s football tournament and I wasn’t going to miss it, I ignored my warning signs.

So Papa Walt, in writing I will admit that I was wrong and had I not been stubborn and taken care of it earlier it wouldn’t have gotten as bad as it did by Monday causing Dr. Patel to be concerned that we’d go from a bad case of bronchitis to pneumonia if he couldn’t get me to do what he wanted me to do which was medicate, sleep and rest….I’m glad my Dr. knows me so well, he knows I will always push the limit which was why he was so direct and clear of his expectations of me and for me this week.

So this has been a very unproductive week….no recipes, no crafts, no house cleaning, no shopping….nothing but sleeping and resting.  I am already feeling the pressure as I see Thanksgiving approaching….I’m not ready but I will be.

Have a great Thursday everyone!  Stay well!!


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