Checking In…..

Hi everyone….

Just checking in and unfortunately not for a long blog, Walt is watching me like a hawk so I promised to keep it short and sweet to hop in and say hi.

Coming out of a great weekend and what I thought was merely a little laryngitis I am out for the count for the next few days with a very bad case of bronchitis and a double ear infection.  What 56-year-old granny gets an ear infection let alone a double ear infection right?

After a couple of injections (steroids and antibiotics) at the doctor’s office yesterday I was sent home with antibiotics, steroids, codeine and strict orders of bed rest and “NO TALKING!”  Needless to say that just about the time I feel awake, it’s time for more codeine and shortly thereafter it’s lights out, I am doing a lot of sleeping which is supposedly what I need….not what I want but told what I need.

My sweet Dr. Patel who is never cross was very….what’s the word I’m looking for…..very direct and specific, if I’m not better by Thursday, if the coughing is not getting better, if the elephant that has parked his butt on my chest has not lifted itself and if I am still wheezing like whistle, I have to go back.  His words were “Let me be clear, if you’re not feeling a little better by Thursday, I want to see you back, you are not to wait out the weekend.”  Ahhh Dr. Patel, I love ya, you know me so well.

So Papa Walt, if you’re checking in on the blog while you are at work, I’m wrapping this up now…..I’ll eat my sandwich, take the codeine and sleep the afternoon away….

To family and friends….stay well, I’ll be back to writing soon!!

Nighty – Night!!!



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