Busy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!  Hope everyone is looking forward to their weekend with plans to spend it exactly the way they want to whether it’s a lazy one or busy one filled with family and things to do.

Our weekend will be very busy, Josh is a football tournament this weekend which Walt and I will be attending.  We know for sure that two games are scheduled tomorrow (Saturday) and one for Sunday morning but after that will depend on how they do in the elimination rounds.  Sunday could be a long day, thank goodness this weekend the temperatures are due to be in the 60’s!

Today’s post is going to be short….very short.  I have two job interviews today!!  Yea me!!  The first one is at noon and the second is at 1:30 p.m., thank goodness both are less than a mile from home and within blocks of each other. Please say a quick prayer for me that one of these turns out.

I have to say that I’ve been pretty lucky this time around, I’ve had at least one interview a week since quitting the other job.  I know to some it may not seem like a lot but really it is.  I’ve gone on more interviews in the last four weeks than I did the entire 14 months that I was laid off.  I am grateful for the calls and the chance to meet people face to face.

Now I just have to hope my voice holds out throughout the day.  I have been fighting a cold and this morning I woke up and my throat feels like someone scrapped it with a sharp knife.  Without fail I lose my voice at least twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall/winter and it’s not usually connected to any type of strep throat or sinus infection.  I get those all by them selves also two to three times a season.  I am drinking hot coffee now which seems to be helping, I will switch to tea and honey after my shower.  Hoping a steamy hot shower will help as well.

So dear family and friends…I will end here today so that I can get ready.  Have a great Friday!!



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