Things About This Week I…….

What a great week…it was Halloween week so we were able to spend lots of time with the grandchildren and in addition to that we made new recipes this week that we were able to share with all of you.

It’s been a pretty good week looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Things about this week I loved:

Halloween with Grandchildren

  • Trick or Treating with Josh, Kaylee and Eric
  • Attending the granchildrens school parades
  • Mom and Dad joining us for dinner on Halloween
  • Uncle Greg going treat or tricking with Josh, Kaylee and Little E
  • Mom giving us one of the handmade quilts she made.

Things about this week I didn’t like:

  • The devestation on the east coast – so sad
  • Bloomberg giving the green light for the NYC Marathon (thank goodness he canceled it.)
  • Atleast 6 calls per day related to the elections
  • The weather – wet, cold, windy
  • This guy who needed 4 parking spots for his truck in the Meijer parking lot


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