Great Halloween Night


Grandchildren Halloween

Believe it or not Halloween is the kickoff of our holiday season.  Starting with the grandbabies school parades followed by a night of trick or treating, Halloween week is a pretty full week for all of us and it leads us into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Halloween day of course is always crazy and fun.  Nikki will usually bring Eric to our house for the day.  Right before 6:00 p.m. when trick or treat official starts in our city, Cindy will bring Josh and Kaylee over so that we can see them in their costumes then we take the three Grandbabies up and down our street to a few of our neighbors.

Afterward Cindy and the kids will usually head back across 13 Mile so that they can meet up with friends and trick or treat in their neighborhood, which by the way, always has more houses who pass out candy.  Nikki and I will usually then take Eric around to a few more houses in our neighborhood and call it a night.

This year we did one little thing different.  Aunty Cindy invited Eric to join her, Josh and Kaylee in their neighborhood, the kids were so excited, they really wanted to trick or treat together.  Uncle Greg and I joined them while busia, dzia dzia and papa Walt stayed home and passed out candy.

In one word it was a “BLAST.”  Josh of course a little older ran ahead with his friends and Uncle Greg stayed mostly with them.  Cindy brought the wagon along so that Josh and Kaylee could ride along.  Eric and Kaylee were so cute together it was fun watching them run up and down sidewalks and porches trick or treating and making room for each other in the wagon.  Of course it wouldn’t have been a great wagon ride without Auntie Cindy driving like a maniac and Eric yelling “Run Auntie Cindy, run!!”

By the time we got back home it was just a little before 8:00 p.m.  Eric was spending the night with us and at 9:00 p.m. he announced he was ready for bed, by 9:12 p.m. he was sound asleep.  Tired and happy that he was able to spend his Halloween Trick or Treating with Josh and Kaylee.

The kids were happy and I was happy, I was able to spend the entire Halloween night with all three of them.  Priceless!!


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