Things About This Week I……

It was nice to wake up this morning with Nikki and little Eric sleeping in the next room.  I know Eric thinks he woke up first….that’s ok, I’ll let him win, it’s worth it.  Eric is now downstairs with papa they are playing for a little while before Eric and Nikki head back home.

Having Nikki and Eric here made me stop and reflect on what a pretty good week this has been.  As another week comes to an end and we have two days to spend with family as well as getting a few “must do” errands taken care of I thought I’d wrap up the week with things that I loved about this week and hated…….

Things about this week I loved:

  • Our little Green Bay Packers closed out the season last Sunday undefeated!!!  Way to Go Boys!!
  • Having the opportunity to spend Tuesday and Friday with little Eric and Nikki
  • Seeing Josh and Kaylee on Wednesday when I unexpectedly had to go to their house to print my resume
  • Unexpected visit from my mom and dad Wednesday night
  • Going on a job interview

Things about this week I hated

  • Being put in the middle
  • Our desk-top computer crashed
  • The lady in the checkout line behind me who hurried up to put her stuff on the belt before I had the chance to get mine out of the basket leaving me a small space to put my things resulting in a basket to cashier situation
  • Construction at every major intersection surrounding our subdivision
  • That Meijer only carries the 16 oz can of Old Bay Seasoning which is priced $8.69 – I need to search for a smaller can

Enjoy your Saturday everyone – we are and will!


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