Overcome Your Obstacles


By:  Nancy Rezich

I know you are frustrated by the obstacles

But let’s be honest

Many of those you put there yourself

You say you want things to be different

Yet you take no action or steps to do so

What have you learned from all you’ve been through

You say you want things to change

You point out the obstacles in your way

and rather than take a different track

a different approach

you turn around and go backward

rather than figuring out a way

to go over

or around

that which is in your way

You repeat those things

that got you to where you are

and those

that have not worked in the past

Sometimes you

are your biggest obstacle

YOU are the only one

the only one

who can remove these obstacles

Listen to your instinct

it is telling you

this way is not working

Listen to friends and family

your old friends, not the new

Listen to what they are saying

everything they are saying

and not just what you want to hear

They will not steer you wrong

Change your attitude

If you only look at the negative

you will only see negative

and a negative result is all you will get

Look at the positive

there is always a positive

in every situation

but you have to look for it

no matter how small it appears

Never give up

Sometimes you may have to stop

You may have to regroup

You may have to take a different path

You may have to ask for help

But never give up

You have the power to

overcome your obstacles

You just have to want it

badly enough

to make it happen


*This work belongs to and is the property of N. Rezich and is protected under plagiarism laws.



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