Oops Here It Is…..

Oops here it is, I think it’s safe to say that in Michigan we’ve had our last fall burst of warm spring like temperatures and fall has decided to move in.  Wednesday and Thursday were beautiful days, highs in the 70’s, as I look out my window this morning it is dark, raining, windy and chilly.  Although the temperature right now is in the low 5o’s it’s still a far reach to mid 70’s that we enjoyed over the last few days.  I wish it would have stayed warmer just a little longer for our little Trick Or Treater’s next week.

I also wish I would have gone grocery shopping yesterday afternoon instead of putting it off until today, hopefully the chilly temperatures and rain will keep people home…ok, I do that it’s not going to happen, the store will be packed.  The good news is I will have at least 4 or 5 new recipes for you next week, three dinners, one breakfast and one muffin.  The perks of being home, it makes it easier to be creative.

The best part of today will be my visitor….

Today was supposed to be Nikki’s day off unfortunately someone called off and as the manager she has to make sure things are covered, when she can’t get people to work, it’s up to her to go in so my little buddy Eric will be joining us this evening.  Papa can’t wait to see Eric so he can hear all about his school adventures, Eric hasn’t seen Papa since he started school a few weeks ago…I wonder if Eric will tell Papa that all they are teaching him is how to play.  Can’t wait to hear this exchange.

Well this post is going to be a quick one and just my mumbling about weather and family.  Unfortunately I don’t have a new recipe for you today, yesterday we finished the beef taco’s from Tuesday night, they were delicious the second time around as well.   Tonight I’m making a chicken and dumpling casserole that I found on Pinterest, maybe if the weather stays like this I’ll throw together a batch of brownies, we’ll see how the afternoon goes.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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