Inspirational quotes are supposed to be thought-provoking, encouraging, motivating several include doors and windows;

  • When one door closes another one opens
  • If a window of opportunity appears don’t pull down the shade
  • When a door closes a window opens
  • If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

It’s ironic that each of them have played some small role in my life over the last week.  I have been very, very verbal about not wanting to go back in an EHS or HR role.  I want a change, I want less resposnibility….I want to go to work and come home, I don’t want work to follow me or come home with me.   In the last 24 hours a window appeared and I didn’t pull down the shade even though there was an EHS role on the other side of the window.

A former colleague, some one that I worked with in the late 90’s and early 2000’s contacted me yesterday regarding an EHS Management role.  The company that he is currently working for, a facilities management company, is taking over the management of several facility related operations for one of the Big 3.  They are looking to bring on an EHS Manager to oversee the EHS program for those areas, he found my resume on-line, remembered me and gave me a call.

I interviewed this morning and it went pretty well, when my interviews (I had two) were over this morning they said that I would be contacted for round two next week.  I have some reservations about the position.  Some aspects of the job require more experience and knowledge than I have, the environmental aspects to be exact.  I know I nailed it from the health and safety side, my ability to communicate,  develop programs and facilitate training, those are my strengths.  This isn’t a job opportunity that I would have sought out on my own, it was a window of opportunity and I didn’t pull the shade down on it.

Thinking about it, I guess “When one door closes another one opens” also applies to this opportunity as well as ” When a door closes a window opens.”  If I wouldn’t have left my job last week I would have either ignored the e-mail or contacted my former collegue and told him I wasn’t interested, because I was already employed.

I don’t know where this opportunity will lead me, but I’ll continue on this journey and see this process through until the end and they make their decision.

In the meantime I’ll continue to look for work and hopefully generate work.  Opportunity isn’t knocking so I’m buidling my own door.  I am working on adding a “Gift Shop” section to my basket website, I’ve been working on painting cake plates and so far I love the results.  There are other ideas I have for the site and things I’d like to add to the “Gift Shop” section.

Cake Plates

Looking for a full time job, revamping my web-site and marketing it will be an on-going work in process.  It would be nice to have the on-line business take off so that I could devote my time to that but I can’t rely on that for now.

So I’ll continue to open those doors, fling up shades, look for open windows and when that doesn’t work…..I’ll build my own door.





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