Sunday Musing

Sunday mornings, I love them.  Even when I was home, not working and every day just seemed to melt into the next, Sunday mornings always feel different to me.  Maybe because most of the time Sunday is day that it’s not just Walt and I.  It’s a day when one or more of the grandbabies are here and it’s a day that without fail some family member will be in and out, no matter how briefly or lengthy the visit.

There was a time, quite a while ago, when Josh was a baby, before Eric and Kaylee were born and before John went up north, we used to have Sunday family dinner.  Whether it was bbq on the grill in the summer or a pot of stroganoff in the winter, an open invitation stood for the kids that dinner was at our house.  It was nice to have everyone around, after dinner Nikki and Eric, John and Cindy curled up on the couches or in the comfy chairs to watch some movie or sporting event.  Eventually life and circumstances brought changes and challenges and the dinners began to become fewer and fewer eventually stopping all together.  I miss those Sundays.

As time moves forward some things have changed.   Sunday’s are still for family but most of the time it’s a day for and with the littlest people of the family.  Sunday’s now are for grandbabies (one or more) with at home big breakfasts, video games, board games, snuggling up to watch Max-N-Ruby or Little Bear, football or baseball, dress up and of course some type of outside event depending on the season.

Sunday…the day in between Saturday and Monday, our slow down day.  A day that ends a busy week of work and errands, the same day that let’s us sit back and relax for a little bit before all the responsiblity of life and work return on Monday.  One day that has two opposite meanings…an ending and a beginning.  For us Sunday signifies the ending of one week and also the beginning of another….but always with family.

So, before I sign off to start our “at home big Sunday breakfast” on this last and first day of our week, let me ask this one simple question…….

What is Sunday in your personal world….the last day or the first day of your week?

Enjoy your Sunday everyone….no matter how you decide to spend it!







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