Wrapping Up The Week

Welcome to the weekend, I am happy it has finally arrived after a very long week.  Although it almost 7:00 a.m. I have been awake since 5:30 a.m.  Don’t you just hate it when you wake up and can’t fall back asleep?  Tossing, turning and trying to will yourself back to sleep till you finally give up and decide to start your day.

It’s not so bad actually, I like being the first one awake.  It gives me time to write, to think, to reflect, sometimes you need that early morning alone time to put things into perspective, sort things out.  It’s definitely not like staying up late alone because at the end of the day your mind is generally going in a million directions trying to slow down, it’s hard to sort through your thoughts because they are all clamoring for attention.  Which makes early mornings perfect for slowly and gradually pulling your thoughts together as you wake up and start your day.

Not happy that it’s wet outside, I hope it dries up by this afternoon because today is the day we’re supposed to put out the Halloween decorations.  Walt wanted to have it done earlier in the month but I am not a big fan of putting things up and out too early, we have neighbors who have had their lawn decorated since October 1.  I think two weekends ahead of time work out well.  Besides, we’ve had so many things going on we really didn’t have time to get it done so today’s the day.

Things have to be completed today before 3:30 p.m.  There is no way any of us are going to miss the big game today; Michigan vs. Michigan State.  Put your Blue on, cause Michigan is going to take State down!  GO BLUE!!

Sunday is also going to be a low-key day.  Joshua’s final football game….woohoo!  The “woohoo” is not because it’s the last game, it’s because so far they are undefeated with one tie, everyone is so proud of the boys all of them have really come a long way since spring.  I think they will be headed to a championship tournament in a few weeks, I need to get more information from Cindy to find out where and when..of course we’ll be there, we have to cheer them on.

This weekend the game for the Rezich household is to be uneventful…..relaxing after last weekends craziness and the emotional ups and downs of the week.  I have a lot to think about and come Monday I have to start making things happen.  I really don’t want to get in the “rut” of staying home, it really felt great being out and working again, interacting with people on a daily basis.  I’ve got some ideas of things I want to do while looking for a new job.

Well, that’s it for my early Saturday morning ramblings, I can hear Walt tossing and turning in our room, it won’t be long and he’ll be awake, shuffling down the hallway in his little slippers… looking for coffee and frustrated when he looks outside to see the rain will probably cancel his plans to finish wrapping up the patio for the season.  Hmmm…maybe he’ll want to go to the Pepper Mill for a nice country omelette instead.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!







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