Eric’s 1st School Field Trip

I am happy to say that my little peanut Eric is blossoming in pre-school and loving it.  This little guy has wanted to go to school since last year so it’s great to see how eager he is to get there.  It was hard for me, even as the grandma,  to let him go, the realization and confirmation that the baby of babies is growing up fast….time is flying by way to fast.  But the first time I saw him off to class a couple of weeks ago made me realize that he is happy and thriving, for me that’s all that matters.

This past week Eric and Nikki had their first field trip it was at a farm and  they both had the best time together.  You’ll see from the photo’s that our little guy has no fear at all, I love it and hope he always stays that way…experiencing and living life to its fullest.

I just want to share with you a few photo’s of Eric’s day;


Making A New Friend


And another………


Getting acquainted…..


Lunch time for the goat…..


Milking a cow…..OH WOW!!


First horse ride


On the ride home after a great day……….


Many great adventure await you my little man…’ve only just begun!!


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