Planning Meals….How Do You Do It?

Hello family and friends….late post yesterday, early post today.  It’s now 4:41 a.m. and I have been awake since 3:30 a.m., I cannot fall back asleep no matter how hard I try, maybe that’s the problem, trying.  Anyway I’m awake so today’s post is going to be an early one.

I am not sure what happened to yesterday’s post, WordPress must have been having a moment because my paragraphs all ran together and the whole thing looks just  a little off.  I tried editing it three different times and when I hit the “Update” button the post still ran together.  If it was something I did, I’m at a loss.  Hopefully today’s post will be back to normal.

I learned how to create a meal planner from my mom.  Thinking back to my childhood I cannot remember a time when my mom didn’t make a weekly meal planner.  When I got married I did the same thing, I planned meals for the week based on what was going on and I tried to mix things up, Italian, Mexican, chicken, beef, pork, oven, skillet, fast, etc.  I even made sure that I had a few extra meals on hand so that if something came up unexpectedly I could make changes if I had to.

Meal planning is second nature, I just do it.  Lately though I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out what to make.  I am not sure if it’s because of the blog and the fact that I want to make as many new things as possible and share them, if it’s because of my new job and I don’t want to come home and hang out in the kitchen all night after a long day at the office or if it’s just the fact that I’m in a cooking rut?

There was a time I could sit down a night or two before my grocery shopping day and I would whip out a weekly meal plan in no time.  Now it seems to take forever and I seem to migrate to the same type of recipes, like everything pasta or italian, or everything mexican….or even all chicken recipes.  I seem to have forgotten how to mix it up!  I have told myself I have to start earlier in the week, peruse my recipe sites for ideas, old cookbooks, old favorites that I haven’t made in ages like th Maple Glazed Meatloaf that I made last week and the Oven Ranch Chicken, that worked out really well for us and the blog.

Next weeks meal plan has already started to take shape.  Since Sunday is Joshua’s last game of the season I think we’ll just stop and get Chicken Shack chicken and I’ll make potato salad to go with it, I’m not a fan of their potatoes or side dishes.  The rest of the week I’ve planned a couple of new slow cooker meals, hamburger on the bun and ravioli…all things that can be manageable, I hope, since it’s “on-call” phone week starting Monday.

I am puzzled that I, the queen of “On-line” recipe sites with recipe books created on each of them and more “at the cash register” cookbooks than anyone I know, can find it so hard to plan meals.  There was a time we would go months with barely eating anything twice!  Is meal planning block similar to writers block?

I really am curious…..How do you plan your meals for the next week?  Drop me a note and share, I’d love to hear some new ideas.

Sorry, no new recipe today, last night was a little smorgasbord of what was left from previous meals this week, spaghetti, enchilada casserole…yummy, both reheat well and taste great the second time around.

Till tomorrow family and friends, have a great Thursday!


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