Happy Birthday Lee

Happy Birthday Lee

By: Nancy Rezich

Today is your birthday

and to my dismay

I could not find a card

to send on this day

I checked out the Hallmark

the Kroger and more

nothing I read

was good enough to send

But then I remembered

this blog that I have

and thought I would write

my own verses instead

A card that was bought

would be seen only by you

with words that were written

by no one we knew

So these are my words

to you on your day

words from my heart

I don’t always say

I love you my sister

with my whole heart

I wish that distance

didn’t keep us apart

We are sisters

there’s no changing that

do you remember fun times

we had with that hat?

Memories we have

there are more to be made

I celebrate your birthday

even though I’m far away

So on this birthday

I wish you good things

Happy Birthday Dear Sister

I hope you have a great year


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lee

    • Hi Nicole, Thank you, and you’re right, they sometimes can be goofy or over sentimental, it’s a hard to send a card that doesn’t sound like something you would say. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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