Monday Again??

Monday again???……It sure does get here a lot quicker these days, but that’s ok because my week flies by rather quickly as well.  We had a great weekend, Sunday was an awesome day.  Mom and dad stopped by after church and we were able to sit and chat for a bit, catch up on what’s going on over a cup of coffee.

Joshua’s “Green Bay Packers” won, 27 to 7….they are now 4-0 with one tie.  Not sure how flag football rules handle ties.  Two more games and our Sunday’s will be back in doors, I think I’m going to be good with that and I’ve decided I like spring football better than fall.  It was cold and rainy, glad I took and umbrella and gloves….yes, I did, I took gloves, I might have grown up with Michigan’s four seasons but I’m really a one season kind of girl….SUMMER!

I have a busy week at work this week, a meeting downriver today so I’m hoping I can stop by and see Nikki and Eric before I head back to the office.  I have a feeling I’m going to miss seeing my little man Eric, he’ll more than likely be in school by the time my morning meeting wraps up.  I’ll be back down there again on Thursday for a job fair so maybe I’ll be able to catch my little guy and find out how school is going.

Oh yea….I almost forgot!  The kielbasa and sauerkraut in the crock pot….it came out really well.  I made my kraut exactly as I’ve posted previously and topped it with two pieces of Eckrich Polish Kielbasa then set the slow cooker on High for 4 hours and headed out to the game.  When we got back home and opened the door the aroma met you…it smelled great.  I turned it down to low to keep it warm for a bit because we weren’t quite ready to eat as soon as we got back.  I put together a quick pizza for Josh and when his pizza was ready Walt and I each heated a little bit of the cheesy potato casserole in the microwave then served the kielbasa and kraut right out of the slow cooker ….dinner was served, I like that.

The week is just beginning and I’ve already rearranged my menu plan.  Today we were supposed to have the chicken and noodle bake but because I still have cheesy potatoes left over from last nights dinner I’m going to make the oven ranch chicken breasts today so that we can finish up the cheesy potatoes.  It all works out.

Well friends…I need to get this Monday morning started, I hope everyone has a great start to the week!!


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