Sunday Morning Musing

Sunday morning, the house is quiet, outside the livingroom window shadows play on the curtains as the sun starts to rise.  It’s chilly, 41 degrees, hard to believe that what only seems like a few short weeks ago (ok so maybe it’s been a month), I was posting that at this early hour it was already in the 80’s.  I miss those days.

Today is flag football Sunday…’s going to be a cold one in the stands, our temperatures are only expected to be in the 50’s this afternoon, I think Michigan is skipping its shot at one last fling of unseasonably warm October temperatures.  There is a good chance that gloves will be in order today, hot chocolate my just have to replace the bottle of water.

We have three games left including today, we are 3-0 with one tie….not quite sure how that’s written, 3-0-1?  Our boys are doing well both on the field and off.  In this day and age I am amazed that these kids are more excited about playing the game rather than the win.  None of them boast or talk about it after the game…..I’ve not heard one negative or mean-spirited thing from any of the boys as they come off the field. It’s refreshing actually and kudos’ to the parents and coaches for making this about the fundamentals of the game and not about winning.

Today is crock pot/slow cooker day…..Kielbasa and sauerkraut will be started in the slow cooker a little later today, cheesy potatoes will be in the oven shortly so that we can just reheat them when we get home.  I am happy we decided to give the slow cooker another try, it really is nice to come home from the game and have dinner almost ready for us to dig into rather than trying to decide where to go out to eat.  Don’t get me wrong, I like eating out from time to time but now that I’m working again I like my time at home enjoying a leisurely meal with little fuss put into preparing or clean up.

This week I have four new recipes on the menu planner for us, can’t wait to try them and share the recipes with you.  They are all pretty simple and easy to make; chicken and noodles, maple glazed meatloaf, an enchilada casserole and ranch chicken.  At some point in my menu planning I would like to start adding another slow cooker meal into the weekday rotation, we’ll see how well that works out in the weeks to come.

That’s it for my early Sunday morning.  Have a great Sunday everyone, hope you’re spending it exactly the way you want to!!



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