WoW, did this week fly by, I remember sitting at the computer Sunday night starting my Monday blog about the crock pot roast!!  I love that my job keeps me so busy that the days and weeks fly by, I just have to figure out a way to slow down Saturday and Sunday, I’ll blink and it’ll be Monday!

Our Friday is not starting out well.  It’s 6:49 a.m. and Walt is already on his way to the car dealership.  On his way home last night our “less than 2-year-old” lease vehicle stalled and the “Service Engine” light went on.  Messing with the gas cap and a few other tricks did not make it go off.  This morning Walt is already on his way to the dealership hoping he can get it looked at, fixed or a car rented before he has to leave for work at 11:30 a.m.

Now I personally don’t see anything wrong with this scenario.  It’s several hours before Walt has to leave for work and I am sure more than enough time to either get it resolved or get a loaner.  Unfortunately Walt and I don’t have the same patience level for things like this, this little set back is going to ruin his day.  Walt doesn’t like to go off the plan or schedule, he really likes things in order and organized, he does not like to feel rushed.  And I get that too, neither do I, but I’m a little more flexible than my sweet Papa Walt.

It’s also frustrating for Walt because this is yet another one of those things I would have handled when I was home all day.  We would have just switched cars and Walt would have left it to me to take care of it and keep him posted by phone or text.  This is just one of the changes that my new job brings and adjustments we each have to make.

I am sure that as Walt waits for the service representative to give him some news he will have time to ponder on his frustrations and our changes.  As he sits in the waiting room, drinking fresh brewed coffee, munching on cookies or pastries (the Buick Dealership really is a nice one) and watching one of the morning news shows on the huge flat screen TV he will remember that the changes and shifts in responsibilities are just a little curve in the road that we’ll manuever together as we travel down the road toward our ultimate goal……paying off our  mortgage early and retirement in a few short years.

On another note….I finished my menu plan for next week and I have several new recipes we’re going to try.  Hopefully my schedule won’t force me to make any changes!!

Time to get ready for work…….have a great Friday everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. I loved the crock pot roast and will make it again! I couldn’t find an Aus Jus packet so I used a gravy packet instead and it was still delicious.

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