Happy Anniversary To My Wonderful Husband

Dear Walt,

I cannot believe it’s been nine years.  Every day I thank God that you wandered back into my life when you did.  They say timing is everything and we both know that to be true.  So many things have happened over the last few years that I could not have face alone and I know that no one could have helped me through them the way that you have and do.

You are committed to this family, you make sure everyone has everything they need.  You make sure that we are all safe, secure and cared for.  You take care of all of us before yourself….your love is unconditional.

You are truly a partner, my partner…..you never let me face anything alone.  You hold me up when I can’t hold myself up…….some how you always manage to be at the right place at the right time when I’m about to fall.

You are my friend, we share secrets, dreams, plans for the future and Godiva chocolates.

I get your sense of humor, that’s all that matters…..I love that you can make me laugh so hard I cry.  I want to be with you, I love being with you, I miss you when we are apart.

I love that you are “Papa” to our grandchildren.  My heart melts each time I see you with any one of them or all of them.  Josh, Kaylee and Eric adore you…..some how you have managed to develop unique one-on-one relationships with each of them and you make each of them feel loved, special and safe.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!  Thank you for nine wonderful years…..I love you more than you’ll ever know.  I can’t wait to what awaits us in the future.




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