Another Month Ends….

Good “Sunday” morning family and friends!!

It is so hard to believe that today is the last day of September, I remember Labor Day weekend like it was last week.  Why is that when you’re a child time goes by so slowly, yet when you’re an adult you can’t seem to put the brakes on time at all.  I am sure it’s because as adults we have so many things going on in the course of a day, a week, a month.  I know most of us are not wishing time to fly unless of course you’re hoping to get to a fun, positive event.

This past week has been a full one but a good one.  It was nice to get a full paycheck from an actual company and not MUIA.  It might not be close to what I used to make but at least I’m off the UIA books and employed.  For now I will take that….it’s been my goal and it’s finally been achieved.

Eric started pre-kindergarden, a little tough for Nikki and Eric that first day….I knew it would be.  Those two are so close and Eric has never been left with anyone other than family and 99% of his time he is with his Momma who he adores, the separation for both was a little tough but they made it through the first day.  The second day Eric did great, he ran into the class room and hugged his teacher and told her he was back.  That’s my boy!!

The nice part of my job is that my client’s main office is in Brownstown which is the next city over from where Nikki and Eric live.  On Friday I had a meeting in Brownstown late in the day so I was able to swing by Nikki’s house and take my little buddy a gift of hot wheel racing cars and candy.  A little treat for being such a big boy AND because he is fighting an awful cold that he probably picked up from me last weekend.

Eric was so surprised to see me there, he wanted me to stay but unfortunately I had to get back to the east side and my office to finish up a few things.  Eric told me all about school and his teacher.  I also learned that there is another Eric in his class.  Our baby will do fine…..I have to say I’m just a little glad that I had to work, not sure I would have made it that first day not only watching Eric cry but Nikki as well.

Kaylee continues to do well in pre-kindergarden, so well they had to create a curriculum for her because she is so much more advanced than the other kids in her class.  Way to go Kaylee!!  Her ability to do kindergarten work was never the issue of whether to put her in kindergarten or not, it was more whether or not she was emotionally ready to be separated from her mom all day.

A lot has happened in Kaylee’s life (Joshua’s too), things that she cannot begin to comprehend, her Papa Al passing away unexpectedly ten days before Christmas two years ago this Christmas and suddenly, 10 months later her new-born baby brother, Justin, who she met briefly the day he was born, never came home and he left us shortly after.  Kaylee has a daddy and a future step-daddy, it’s a lot for someone so little person to understand no matter how advanced they may be.

Joshua is doing very well, 3rd grade suits him.  Josh is doing well academically, I am learning new (or should I say re-learning) third grade stuff.  I was reminded only this morning that there is a difference between Geography and History…..gesh, I made one little slip, I’m old.  Josh loves playing football and lives for karate, he is blossoming into a fine young student and athlete.  Can you say “Hail To The Victors?”  “GO BLUE!!”  Josh is in third grade and he has already announced he wants to go to U of M.  Papa Walt would prefer Notre Dame but University of Michigan is Joshua’s goal.

Today is of course football Sunday…..our little Green Bay Packers are 3-0, undefeated!  Today they play the Lions, can’t wait to see what happens.  Mio (Joshua’s other grandma) made Walt, John and I awesome hoodies to wear at the games, she actually made them for all of us.  On the front they say “Football Grandma,”  “Football Grandpa,” and “Football Dad.”  On the back is a football and it says “Team Josh.”  They are so cool and will keep us warm.

In cooking news….I have a roast in the crock pot.  Yes..I do.  It’s called Three Envelope Pot Roast, I’ll share the recipe and photo’s with you tomorrow.  Walt and I had a conversation about cooking and planning dinners, we decided that we will give the ole crock pot another go round.

Last week we decided Sunday would be dinner out day because of football and we were going to go out for dinner but when the time came all I wanted to do was be lazy and watch a movie so we opted for Chinese take-out which was fantastic….General Tao Chicken – HOT.  This is the reason why the crock pot gets another go round, I like eating at home.

Well time for me to get ready for Joshua’s football game, I’m hoping the rain holds off, it was fun watching the game in the warm summer rain but fall rain is much colder and unpleasant.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!








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