Checking In….

Hello family, friends and fellow bloggers I’ve missed all of you this past week.

Things in the Rezich family kitchen are still cooking….most of the time, lots of things that unfortunately for our blog are repeats but have been quick and easy meals for me to make with this crazy lil schedule I have going on.  We’ve eaten out more than I care to admit and finally this past Monday it took its toll on my IBS when it decided Burger King was not the best last-minute – late night choice.

Work is going well, I knew going in that it would be an adjustment to both home life and in the office.  I was prepared for the transition the office was/is going through and I’m observing and injecting a little advice here and there to help make some changes.

I have to be honest, I knew that my project was going to take some late hours in the last week to transition people from one company to ours….it went pretty smoothly, I met some really great people, ran into a few former work associates and have been able to put a few new people to work through those contacts.  My project is moving along, I’m doing career fairs, working with Michigan Works and am branching out into the community to work with other organizations.  It’s been exciting.

I’ve had several 12 hour days helping the office overall, so a few “I plan on cooking days” turned into “eating out days.”  I guess I should try to use the crock pot more but we’ve owned three and to both Walt and I, each crock pot seems to give the food a strange, almost plastic like, after taste.  We are not fans of crock pot food yet both of my kids love using them.

I will admit, it is nice to walk in the house after a long day to the smell of a roast in the crock pot, but there is just something about the flavor we don’t like.  I can’t put my finger on it.  Is it just us or have others had the same experience?

Well, I’ve just noticed the clock and I’ve been writing too long, need to dash for now and get ready for work.  Today I’m heading out to a career fair, looking forward to meeting lots of new people.

Have a great day everyone!




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